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I feel like I haven’t taken you guys on a (virtual) run in a while, so here is a running mashup from the past few days! Starting with this morning.20160609_061429I was dragging the first few miles but then picked it up for the second half of the run! Sometimes it just takes a while to find the running groove. At one point I ran by this strange guy who asked, “Who are you?” at me. Umm…. Mary? How was I supposed to respond to that? #JustKeepRunning20160609_061308Anyways, it’s a lovely morning and I enjoyed this run. The end.20160609_063713Moving right along: Yesterday I met up with Rayna for a run/walk! I ran to meet her and then walked two miles with her. She’s on the tail end of an injury and is looking forward to running again soon. In the meantime, it’s been nice to walk together!20160608_063716We stuck around the neighborhood and chatted the whole way. Good seeing you, Rayna!20160608_055102Other 6 a.m. buddies: Anthony! So lucky to have married someone who likes to wake up at 4 a.m. and lace up their PureConnects 😉20160606_070010We hadn’t planned on running Monday morning but it was so pretty that an outdoor workout was necessary.20160606_063520We covered five easy miles. Nothing fancy.

And here’s one more. A short Sunday stroll before the rest of the neighborhood woke up. Only other soul I spotted on my jog was this cat. 20160605_080242And this robot in a lawn chair. What will I take pictures of if we ever leave East Nashville?20160605_075534Finally, let’s end with some food! We took a Cook Smarts lemongrass chicken recipe and modified it for the slow cooker. Because the thought of having to cut and really cook food past 6 pm is overwhelming for me!_DSC0161-001A pile of shredded beige meat over a bed of beige cauliflower rice = not the most beautiful dish (this is why I will never call myself a food blogger, I’m just an eating blogger). But it was darn tasty._DSC0168-001Dinner paired with the latest Bachelor episode. OMG. CHAD.

  • Have you ever ran/walked?
  • Does your husband/partner run with you?
  • Bachelor Nation: Chad. Go.

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