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grilling things up

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to learn about all things beef, thanks to the Tennessee Beef Council!20160606_200121They hosted a group of bloggers and exposed us to the grilling wisdom of pit master Michael McDearman. 20160606_193443It was a delicious, educational night! Here are some grilling tips for your next steak night:

  • Don’t immediately go for the big sizzle, which can dry out your meat. Instead, cook your steaks on a low to medium flame level for juicier results.
  • Use tongs (not a fork) to flip your steak.
  • Salt your meat after browning. If you salt the meat before you cook it, it will reduce moisture levels in the steak!

After teaching us a thing or two about beef and grilling, Chef Michael took us outside to get our grill on in our beefy, beautiful aprons.


Anthony and I have a gas grill, so the whole charcoal thing was pretty new to me. Apparently charcoal selection is crucial in your overall grilling success — Chef Michael recommends the Char-Broil kind pictured below!20160606_184207All lit up:20160606_192704On the menu: Porter Road Butcher steaks coated in a coffee-based spice rub. Grilled veggies on the side!

Another tip: If you’re making kabobs, keep your vegetables on separate stick by veggie type. Since vegetables like mushrooms cook faster than vegetables like peppers, you’ll want to keep them individually skewered for best results :)20160606_192535We tossed our steaks and sides on the grill and patiently waited. Meat thermometer is key to success on the grill! Here are the recommended temps to determine beef doneness:

  • Medium rare: 145 degrees
  • Medium: 160 degrees
  • Well done: 170 degrees

20160606_195754The results were delicious! Not only was my steak darn tasty, but it was nutritious too. Beef is a great source of protein, iron, and zinc — all of which are good for everyone and especially for female runners.IMG_6790With Tennessee’s official “beef month” approaching this July, go get your grill on and check out beefitswhatsfordinner.com for cooking tips and recipes.