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michigander weekend

We spent the weekend exploring the great state of Michigan!_DSC0194

I hadn’t been in Detroit since my marathon last fall, and it was good to be back. This time I didn’t have any race day nerves, which was nice :) 20160610_151012I arrived around noon on Friday and grabbed a quick lunch at a cool spot called The Dime Store while Anthony wrapped up a few meetings (he was in town for work).20160610_134733Then I strolled around the city and stumbled upon Greektown and this lovely little bakery. One macaroon, please!20160610_145509Friday night we drove over to Grosse Pointe. Such a pretty part of the city!_DSC0176We went to an old school American restaurant for dinner and a cheeseburger just seemed right._DSC0186Anthony got the trout, which was served atop a mountain of the cheesiest risotto of all time._DSC0184We were both pretty exhausted by the end of dinner and called it an early night! The weird thing about Detroit is that it sits toward the edge of a time zone, so it stayed light out until past 9 pm. We might have asleep before the sun went down…

But we were up bright and early the next morning for a run! falling-waters-trail-jackson-20160611_112226The main point of this trip was to celebrate Lizzie and Tommy’s wedding in Kalamazoo! On our way to the wedding we made a random stop in a little town called Jackson to check out a trail I’d found online. falling-waters-trail-jackson-20160611_104636The Falling Waters Trail did not disappoint! It was flat, paved, and perfect for running. Only downside is that it wasn’t very shady and it was 85 degrees out when we started running at 10:30 a.m. Yikes.falling-waters-trail-jackson-20160611_110151The heat made us feel as slow as this turtle. But we just kept going and finished off all six miles.falling-waters-trail-jackson-20160611_110143We drank about 10 glasses of water after the run, stopped for a quick lunch, and then made it to Kalamazoo just in time to clean up and head to the wedding!20160611_174314The event space was gorgeous! And the music and food were spot-on, too. Loved the band!20160611_172633Polenta and veggies:20160611_195509And a pile of desserts! If gluten free always tastes this good, sign me up :)20160611_205113And the best part of the night: the happy couple! Congrats Lizzie and Tommy. So glad we could celebrate with you!20160611_202324And now it’s Monday? Guess I should unpack and get to work!

  • Highlight of your weekend?
  • Ever visited Detroit, Kalamazoo, or Jackson?
  • My married people: What was your first dance song at your wedding? (Ours was Elvis – Can’t Help Falling in Love)

11 thoughts on “michigander weekend

  1. My home state! Glad you got to see some great parts. There are excellent running communities in Detroit. Check out RunDetroit next time you are here! Kzoo – stop at Sweetwater Donuts!

  2. Metro Detroit was home for me in high school. At the time, I didn’t appreciate it. Now I love to go back. There are so many ethnic groups en masse that the food options are amazing. Also, running in all the perfectly flat streets with huge trees and no wind seems like a gift now.

    • oh, wow! yeah, wish we would have had more time there to check out all the awesome restaurants. and loved the flat streets :)

  3. Never visited Michigan! I’d love to, though! The highlight of my weekend was running around in blazing hot NorCal summer weather. 😛 Yay near-heatstroke.

  4. I honestly don’t remember our first dance song – is that bad? lol

    I’ve never been to Detroit, but I’ve been to Windsor and saw Detroit :-)

    • haha, nah not bad! as long as the cake was good and your ring is nice i think that counts as a win.