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dew point & pot pie

Given the crazy heat in the Southeast right now, I thought now would be a good time to discuss dew point, AKA my worst enemy.Dew point is a more accurate measure than humidity — if you’re a runner, you should definitely pay attention to it!

Here’s how the experts put it: “Humidity is a function of both the moisture content in the atmosphere and the actual air temperature. By itself, it does not directly indicate the amount of moisture present in the atmosphere… Dew point is the temperature to which air must be cooled in order to reach saturation. The dew point is an accurate measurement of the moisture content in the air.”

This runner’s world chart displays how dew point can make you feel comfortable, uncomfortable, and extremely oppressed.


Yesterday my run was at 70°F dew point — only five degrees shy of being extremely oppressive! :) 20160613_064257Needless to say this was not my best run and my pace “suffered greatly” like Runner’s World suggested! I had to stop and walk a few times because I was just dragging in the dew. If I hadn’t have taken a loop route, I would have turned around and gone home early — but since the only way to get back to my air-conditioned house was to keep running my route, that’s what I did. 20160613_070947Six super soggy miles, done. Today it’s even MORE dewy out there and I’m not going outside. Oh summer running, I have a love/hate relationship with you.

What’s on your menu this week? Since Anthony and I were out of all weekend, Tina pulled through and has covered dinner the past two nights!_DSC0209She made an awesome meat pie/phyllo dough creation stuffed with ground beef and veggies on Sunday. Kind of like a beef pot pie!_DSC0211Simple salad on the side. After a few days of eating out, it was nice to come back to a home-cooked dinner!_DSC0213Is anyone else bummed that there’s no Bachelorette this week? I miss my regular dose of crazy.

  • How often do you go out to eat? (We usually go about once a week or once every 2 weeks unless we’re traveling)
  • Do you watch the dew point? (In the summer I definitely do the dew!)
  • Hottest run you’ve ever been on? (Mine was this one last summer I think)

5 thoughts on “dew point & pot pie

  1. Ugh the temps and dew point is crazy in Tennessee right now! Today’s run was hard. My hottest run was probably a 5k in the Bahamas on our honeymoon but the Leipers Fork race this month was definitely the most humid/highest dew point ever!

  2. I know! I have to wait two weeks to find out what idiotic thing Chad is going to do next! I think I love watching the Bachelor/ette because everything is so dramatic all. The. Time. It makes my very undramatic life seem very normal. Dew point and summer running are my enemy. I’m lucky we don’t get it as bad as other places but it’s still no fun!

    • CHAD! he is truly insane and they’ve taken this season to a whole new level of crazy. love it.

  3. Definitely missing the bachelorette this week!

    High dew point runs = no fun. Thanks for including the chart. We are sitting at 71* dew point in Cincinnati right now. It makes me feel like I’m running through pudding! These tough runs make us stronger, right?