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Hello! Popping in to share a quick run and recipe. Then I’m outta here!20160615_065324Yesterday Anthony and I headed out for a slow, soggy run. It was so muggy out there — felt like we were running through molasses! Luckily I had a new Tracksmith outfit to keep me motivated to run :) Recap on that coming soon. 20160615_064941(0)Four easy miles in the books! Not our most impressive run, but it’s the tough runs that make you appreciate the easy ones — right?20160615_070850New kitchen adventure this week: Pork chops. I don’t know if I’ve ever cooked a pork chop in my life so I was a bit intimated by the task._DSC0226Before preparing the pork, I read up on Serious Eats’ pork-grilling tips. Per his advice, I brined the chops for about 45 minutes in a water/salt/garlic/bay leaf mixture — I think this was the key to our success! Brining helps break down the meat so that it’s more tender and less rubbery after grilling._DSC0227-001After brining, I patted the pork chops down with paper towels and tossed them in this spice mix. We grilled the chops for about eight minutes per side, until our meat thermometer read 140 degrees. Then we rested them for ten minutes while I got the roasted veggies and mashed taters ready!_DSC0228-001And that is my pork chop story. The end.

  • Have you ever been “afraid” to cook something?
  • Last tough run you had?
  • What’s you go-to resource for cooking tips?

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