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weird appliance + weekend reading

Happy Friday!


This has been a tough week for running. I just can’t seem to beat the heat! Plus we’ve had a few late nights (i.e. past 9:15 pm) which has made those morning runs even harder.


BUT, I made it.


And I’m sure glad I got out there because I spotted this mystery appliance. What could it be? It only had one dial and an on/off button. Maybe some sort of old mini oven? Microwave? Dishwasher? If you know what this strange device is please tell me in the comments. It was such an odd size and had a strange front panel that I wanted to look closer. But then I realized that I was standing in someone’s front yard at 6 a.m. so probably not a good idea.


You know what is always a good idea, though? Burrito bowls.carnitas_bowl_DSC0238 (1)

Carnitas on the menu at casa Lambkin last night! This is one of my go-to “end of week and I have nothing in the fridge” meals :) Just slow cook some pork shoulder, cook up some rice, and pile on any Mexican-ish toppings you have.

carnitas_bowl_DSC0238 (2)

Before I leave you I thought I’d share some reading/watching/listening materials for the weekend!

  1. How Exercise May Help the Brain Grow Stronger: Well, this is fascinating. “Experiments in animals show that, for instance, exercise induces the creation of many new cells in the hippocampus, which is a part of the brain essential for memory and learning, and also improves the survival of those fragile, newborn neurons.”
  2. Poisoned Vines: France’s Most Celebrated Vineyard is Attacked by Eco-Terrorism: I love America’s Test Kitchen Radio (though it’s not quite the same now that Chris K. is solo) and thought this was a great episode! If you’re not an ATK radio you should be able to stream it through a podcast platform.
  3. Running apparel startup Janji helps fund clean water initiatives in Africa, Peru, India: Pretty cool. I just checked out the Janji website and they have some cute gear!
  4. Cooked Netflix Documentary: Has anyone else watched this? We just watched the last of the four-part series last night and really enjoyed it. It explores how humans have made food over the centuries using water, earth, fire, and air. My favorite episodes were earth and air — which discuss bread and cheese making :)
  5. A Look Inside Vui’s Kitchen: Any other Nashvillians dying to try out this new restaurant? Anthony and I love pho so I’m adding this to my must-try list.

What do you think that random appliance is, and what entertainment recommendations can you offer? I’m on the hunt for a new podcast or blog!

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    • it was so small, though! but i suppose they made dishwashers smaller back in the day. i might run by again tomorrow to investigate :)