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starting with cake, finishing with flamingos

Sorry I missed you yesterday! Maybe I can make up for it with some cake?


Over the weekend I made my first ever black forest cake, with some help from Anthony’s mom who is a cake-making pro (remember when she made our wedding cake?!)


Tina and I handled the cake, cream, and cherries. Anthony stepped in for the final chocolate garnish!


We assembled the cake at my parents house as part of a father’s day feast! My parents set up a taco bar for the whole fam:



Couldn’t decide between a hard shell or a soft one, so I had to get both. Tough decisions.


Anthony went for all hard shell tacos but I guess I still like him.


Other weekend highlights: a run!


On Saturday I made the mistake of starting my run at 10:45 a.m. and basically melted on the sidewalk. On Sunday I met up with Katie bright and early — a much better idea!


We covered five miles together and chatted the whole way. Good to have my running buddy back in town!


Last accomplishment to brag about: a sewing class. I learned the overlock stitch and sewed up a pair of (flamingo print) pajama pants!


And by sew up, I mean literally sew up. I accidentally sewed the waistline of my pants together… making them impossible to wear :) . Luckily I brought my seam ripper and was able to recover!

As for today, I’m sporting my yoga pants at the moment. Just got back from the Tuesday morning boot camp class, which was a doozy as usual.gym-yoga-20160621_070618Time for a quick shower and then I’m off to work. We have more Australian guests arriving tonight so I’m looking forward to a happy, busy house for the next few days!

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