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summer running & grilling

Hello! How are we halfway through the week already?


Katie and I met up for some miles this morning and headed to the park. Pretty blue skies.


We’re at a dew point of 71 today, which falls into the “very humid and uncomfortable” zone per the Runner’s World chart. And that about sums up how I felt on this run :)


Street furniture sighting! A drawer and part of a car bumper. Quite the duo.


All this summer weather = lots of grilling. On Monday night we went Aussie-style and threw some sausages on the barbie.


Paired with The Bachelorette! What do you guys think of this season? I’d say it’s one of the funniest yet. Sad that Chad is gone though. He was quite the character.

Also hot off the grill: Burgers. Plus fries, hot out of the oven, and salad, cold from the fridge :)


Anthony’s teriyaki turkey burgers have been a staple in our relationship since we met six years ago. They never cease to impress me. The secret ingredient is teriyaki sauce in the patties — plus pineapple and beets for toppings! Speaking of which, any tips for what to do with beet leaves? I always feel bad throwing them out but don’t know how to use them.


Not only the master of burger-making, but also of burger-stacking.


And that’s all I’ve got for you today! Stay cool out there.

  • Bachelorette: Who do you think will win JoJo’s heart?!
  • Any advice for ways to use beet leaves?
  • Most uncomfortable run you’ve ever had? (Mine is probably when my socks start slipping down to the arch of my foot. I hate when that happens!)

6 thoughts on “summer running & grilling

  1. I usually just saute the beet leaves like you would any other green. Delish! Stems can go in too :)

  2. Beet greens are great in smoothies, just throw them in like spinach! You can also freeze them to use later.