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10 ways to beat running boredom



It’s another scorcher out there. Luckily I had Lizzie to keep me company for most of my run! We struggled through the humidity together and I’m glad she was around or I might have just given up and hopped on a train home.


One of my favorite and most random East Nashville homes, looking bold in hot pink. Only on this side of the river :)


Five miles that felt like ten! PS I recently got these shorts and love the little frill on the side!


Today I’d thought we’d talk running and being BORED. A lot of people tell me that they hate running because they find it really boring and that breaks my heart. On my run today I thought of ten ways to fight boredom on the run!

  1. Run with a friend. One of the best ways to make your run fly by is to have a friend to talk to along the way! I run with people at least twice a week which helps change things up.
  2. Listen to the world around you. This is kind of earthy, but I like to really tune in with mother nature when I run (no headphones over here!). I listen to the different birds, frogs (in the spring especially!), wind, insects, stuff like that.
  3. Count something. This is also pretty weird, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who does it. Sometimes I just start counting things like number of steps I take or number of mailboxes I pass in my head. Or I’ll do little math equations  to pass the time (like what time I’ll finish based on how many miles I have left and my pace).
  4. Make up a new route. It’s easy to get in a route rut because once I know that a route is XX miles exactly with only XXX feet of incline I like to stick to it. BUT every now and then I go wild and try a new route, and it’s really fun. You should too!
  5. Talk to yourself. Also in the slightly crazy category, having talks with yourself during a run can help pass the time. I often “write” blog posts in my head while I run or kind of author a little mental diary post. Good for the soul.
  6. Take photos. I’m always taking photos during my run (for this blog!) and even if you don’t have a blog I think it’s a good idea. First because it forces you to be constantly looking for beautiful things (and street furniture). Second because after you run and you look through the photos, you feel really proud and happy that you saw and did all of that!
  7. Race yourself. Try to do the same route you usually do, but finish it faster! You’ll be running so hard that you won’t have time to be bored. Tough but rewarding.
  8. Take some turns. Does anyone else hate long, straight roads? They seem to drag on forever and make me lose my mind a bit. If you’re bored on the run, try doing a zigzag route where you have to turn at every corner. In cities this can be especially fun if you only turn on the “walk” corners and don’t know which way you’ll go until you hit a stop light.
  9. Listen to a podcast/music. Not my personal favorite but I know that some people need their tunes to run!
  10. Focus on your form. If you start getting bored on your run, then make use of your time by focusing on your form! Shoulders back, head up, knees straight, arms swinging.

And just because… let’s end this post with ice cream. Living so close to Jeni’s Ice Cream is dangerously delicious :)20160622_195124

  • What are your tips for beating boredom on the run?
  • Favorite ice cream flavor? (I went for pistachio and sweet cream)
  • Have you ever lived in a colored house? I think it would be pretty fun.

3 thoughts on “10 ways to beat running boredom

  1. I’ve actually counted steps before and it kind of makes your mind check out for a while, it’s good if you just want to zone out. I definitely agree with the friend running though, it is the BEST way to not get bored on a run. Miles fly by.