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friday favorites

Hello! I haven’t done a Friday favorites post in a while so thought it was time for a random roundup of stuff I’ve been meaning to talk about. Brace yourself…

1. Bon Appetit magazine. Out of nowhere we started getting Bon Appetit every month (does anyone else get random magazine subscriptions from time to time?) and I’ve enjoyed flipping through it. Not as in-depth as my true love, Cook’s Illustrated, but still a fun read for foodies!


2.The Good Wife. After a hardcore Good Wife binge that lasted from about October through March, Anthony and I  were devastated (okay, mostly just me) when season 7 of this show wasn’t available on Hulu! BUT. NOW IT IS. We watched episode 1 last night and **only** have 21 more episodes to go until we finish this show for good!


3. Yes To soaps. We’ve tried many a hand soap and the Yes To line can’t be beat! Anthony and I love all of the scents, but cucumber eucalyptus is a favorite.


4. Saucony impusle short. We stopped at the Saucony outlet on our drive back from Michigan the other week and I picked up this pair for half price! I would show you a photo of me wearing them but I just realized they are at the bottom of my sweaty, dirty clothes pile… so here is the store photo :) Love the breezy feel and non-puffy material. Slowly replacing my years-old Nike tempo short collection!


5. Farylrobin shoes. I had a pair of Farylrobin shoes back in like 1999 and LOVED them! I thought this brand went out of business but then was so happy to realize that Anthropologie carries it. I picked up this pair of sandals this week and love the look of them! They even make ugly runner feet look nice :)


What are some of your favorites lately?

3 thoughts on “friday favorites

  1. I get random magazine subscriptions sometimes too. I got Working Mother magazine for a year (I’m not a mother and I got it when I was in college, so it really wasn’t for me). At least you got a good one!

    I have three episodes left of the Good Wife. Part of me wants to save them because I don’t want it to end, but I did hear the finale was controversial, so I’m just hoping that I like it!

    • i’ve never entertained myself with any of those except beyonce of course. adding them all to my list! i’m reading city on fire and it is draaaaagggging on but i’m too stubborn to quit.