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humid run + hot pizza

Muggy Monday. The air is so thick out there that I can barely see!20160627_062658About half a mile into this run I decided that my only goal was to finish. I took a couple of walking breaks to catch my breath and admire the flowers. 20160627_061445Today was one of those days where I wanted to high-five every other runner I saw out there. Sometimes I need to see other people pushing themselves to stay motivated! And then when I drive home from work in the evenings and see a lot more runners sludging through the afternoon heat, I can’t help but feel a little proud that my run is over and done with 😉 20160627_063139Six miles in the books! 20160627_070247The good thing about today’s run: I was nice and fueled up thanks to a weekend of PIZZA._DSC0357My parents installed an outdoor pizza oven at their new house (because it’s a necessity, duh!) and I think we might need to move in permanently. _DSC0352My in-laws and family are still here from Australia so we had a big pizza party for 10+ people!_DSC0343What’s your favorite pizza topping? I think my favorites are cheese, cheese, and cheese. _DSC0341One last totally random and unrelated note to end this post with: East Nashvillians, did you notice they’re painting over the flag mural in Five Points, across from the post office? I’m a little bummed out because that was one of my favorites. The bears look pretty cool though. 20160625_112423Off to get this week started!

  • Favorite pizza topping?
  • Do you ever feel smug when you see people running after you already did your run, or am I just mean?
  • Highlight of your weekend?

6 thoughts on “humid run + hot pizza

  1. My absolute favorite pizza topping is pineapple……….major points to any restaurant that uses fresh rather than canned! Also, if they offer avocado too, then that makes them perfect!

    When I see other folks running, I actually get a quick flash of jealousy that I am not out there running, too!

    Highlight of my weekend was pizza night with my husband last night! It was a long week and I needed a lazy night at home. Next weekend we will be in Nashville-yay!

  2. Favorite pizza topping sounds kinda weird, but it’s mushrooms, Gruyere, and arugula. Mmm… Maybe I should make some for this weekend! 😀

    I kinda feel smug sometimes when looking at other runners in the evening, but most of the time, I think, “Dang, I wish I were running!” The exception is during a heat wave, when I think, “HA! Thank GOD I did it at 6 AM!”

    Highlight of my weekend was grabbing awesome veggie sandwiches and having a picnic with my friend and her adorable baby boy.