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trying on tracksmith running clothes

Remember the other week when I mentioned how I had a running gear crush on Tracksmith? Their “gear fairy” heard me and sent me a few items to try out. I’m pretty lucky.


Saturday was another muggy one here in Nashville (you can see the humidity in these photos!), so I’m glad that I had something light and breezy to wear. Tracksmith is “intended to inspire and satisfy the competitive runner,” so they don’t mess around when it comes to design and fabric selection.


Not only am I Tracksmith fan because of the quality of their gear — I also love the look! Over the past couple years I’ve slowly started replacing all of my neon running clothes (why do I have so many?!) with more classic, neutral colors. Tracksmith has lots of white, grey, navy, and black — as well as a few reds, pinks, and yellows for fun :)

And plus. The cutest little rabbit.


By the way, I feel like I should say I’m not required to write this review and I’m not receiving payment for this post. I’m just a girl who goes a little crazy when it comes to running gear.


I wore the Van Cortland singlet and Waban shorts for six miles. They made me feel like I was flying, even through the crazy humidity!


While we’re speaking running gear, who else thinks it would be cool to make a GPS running watch with interchangeable bands? I would have loved to have a red or navy watch to match my outfit…


But anyways. Thanks to Tracksmith for making awesome, and totally different, running clothes. And for sending me some! You can shop Tracksmith online and I highly recommend following their inspiring Instagram account which is full of vintage-y inspiring running photos.


May your runs this week feel good and look great! :)

6 thoughts on “trying on tracksmith running clothes

    • yes, i’ve been wanting to try their stuff for some time. so glad i got to give it a try! i would say that their clothes run a little large, especially in the tops. i’m wearing an XS in both shorts and top.

  1. I am doing the same in terms of replacing my bright clothes (and shoes too) with more neutral colours. I even bought a black pair of running shoes and I’m totally loving them.

    • they’re good! i haven’t done anything over 7 miles in them (13-20 is the true test of apparel i think!) but so far they’ve been good. nice long slit in the side that gives you lots of room to move. i would order a size smaller than you usually do, they seem to run a little big. i’m wearing an XS.