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fresh run, fresh eats

Good morning! We finally got some cooler weather today and my run was so happy.20160629_055351-001Met up with East Nasty for a few miles and stuck with my friend Steve for most of my six-mile journey! We did a loop around the lake which never gets old.20160629_061512-001Remember when I saw people painting a new mural in Five Points the other day? Well, it looks like they’re nearly finished. I don’t know what the bears symbolize but I guess it’s kinda cool.20160629_055729-001All done before I even had time to wake up. That’s how I like to roll run.20160629_063716-001In other news, last night we finally tried out Vui’s Kitchen! I’ve been wanting to visit this new restaurant since it opened the other month. vuis_kitchen_nashville_DSC0358Starting with spring rolls:vuis_kitchen_nashville_DSC0367These were so fresh! Loved the herby-ness and the peanut sauce, which was clearly homemade.vuis_kitchen_nashville_DSC0368I went for a beef rice bowl and Anthony opted for chicken pho. Felt like we were back in Vietnam again :)vuis_kitchen_nashville_DSC0371Overall we were pretty impressed with Vui’s! One of the freshest, hippest Vietnamese spots I’ve been to in a while. I think Miss Saigon will always be our go-to hole-in-the-wall pho spot, but this was a nice little upgrade :)

Off to get this day started! See you soon!

  • Favorite hole-in-the-wall spot? (Anthony and I love divey Mexican restaurants)
  • Have you ever painted a mural? (I painted one in my old house when I was a kid!)
  • How long does it take you to wake up on a run? (I need about 5 miles. Or even longer if the sun isn’t up yet!)

2 thoughts on “fresh run, fresh eats

  1. I like a Mexican place that is a hole in the wall but it is THE BEST. (La Altena on Main St, if you are ever in Chattanooga) :)

    And it always takes me about 2 miles to feel like I am into a run. I think that’s why I don’t do 5K’s, because the race is almost over when I am just getting into it-Ha!