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Sorry I disappeared for a few days! The holiday weekend got the best of me. I’m back with a ton of photos to share. Let’s see if we can zoom through them all…

I did a lot of running over the past few days! We’ve been really busy and I love that running is a take-it-with-you-anywhere, do-it-anytime kind of sport. Makes it easy to fit in when you’re on the go or short on time!20160630_065102I think I did this run on Thursday. The humidity finally died down for a few days! Cool enough to stop and smell the flowers. 20160630_070317Short and sweet.20160630_070722On Saturday we went out for a longer jog…20160702_081642Including a lap around the airfield. The cows were out!20160702_081637Love running with Anthony BUT…20160702_084025Would I love him more if he agreed to go jogging in Kangaroo bouncer shoes? I chatted with these crazy people for a while and they tried to sell me on their odd foot contraptions. I think I’ll just run on my normal feet, thanks :)20160702_084430I went out for a quick run on Sunday — just squeezing in a few miles before the day started!20160703_082413The streets seemed to clear out for the holiday weekend — I saw only a few other souls out there!20160703_084220After my jog it was time for a quick shower and then a trip to Build a Bear! Anthony’s family is still staying with us and our niece and nephews were pretty excited to customize their very own stuffed animals. And I was pretty excited for lunch at Logan’s afterwards. Fun fact: I used to be a hostess here back in high school. So many peanut shells to sweep up!20160703_130143Speaking of food, is it normal to tote around your slow cooker in the front seat? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken this bad boy with me on the road. Our latest venture was to my office potluck on Friday. I think he needs a car seat.20160701_083557And one more run! On Monday Anthony and I went out for a short 3-4 miles but I felt absolutely terrible the whole time — my stomach was in knots. I had to stop at mile 3, and he came and picked me up in the car to drive me back the last .5 miles. Some runs are good, and some runs suck. No shame in quitting when you need to. (Says me, the official coach! ha.)20160704_071646I recovered with a cold shower and lots of water. And was in top form by Monday for a trip to my parents’ lake house! Lots of fireworks and time on the water. I even managed to kayak in a straight line for more than 5 strokes. #progress20160704_173452-001Last two memorable moments of the past few days: 1. For a moment, I had the high score on the stair master! I’m sure I’ve been replaced by now but I felt way too proud when typing in my initials. If any readers frequent the East Nashville Y, please stop at floor 103.  20160701_0701412. What is this CREEPY bug thing?! It was on my windshield yesterday and I had a panic attack. But only after I took a photo for the blog first. 20160705_182215-001As you can tell, it was a pretty exciting long weekend :). What were you up to?

5 thoughts on “catching up

  1. I am curious of the bug’s name too (I was calling it a box elder but I don’t think that is right). We have them where we live as well – and they are actually really slow and nice bugs (as far as bugs go) — if one gets in my house I sweep it up with a towel and put it back outside.

    • aww, glad to know that he is a nice fellow. he didn’t seem too bothered by me taking photos of him! :)

  2. I am so uncoordinated that I would twist my ankle in those kangaroo things! I don’t run trails for that same reason…………….give me flat surfaces and regular shoes!

  3. I went to a totally chill backyard BBQ and passed out from a food coma in the afternoon. 😛 I wanted to go on a trail run, but I was afraid of the awful traffic to get out of the city, so I went to a boot camp class instead. I need to work on strength training anyway–my kryptonite!