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Good day to you! It’s pouring rain and storming like crazy here in Nashville so there’s no way I was running this morning. Luckily I have some miles from yesterday to share with you :)20160706_061646It was another humid day, but at this point I’m trying to take the summer weather in stride. I altered my route a bit so that I could run by a water fountain!20160706_062938Six miles at a mystery pace! Accidentally left my watch running while I stopped to tie my shoe, which messed up my mile average. Does anyone else hate when that happens?!!20160706_070300Last bit of running/fitness news: Over the weekend I got a pair of Skechers! I’ve heard they made a comeback so thought I would give a pair a try. The GoFlex aren’t designed for running, but they’ve been great to wear around the house/out for errands/at the gym. skechers-goflex-20160707_074937Wore them this morning while Anthony and I did a Nike Training Club workout! Has anyone upgraded to the new app? It’s even better than the old one.skechers-goflex-20160707_074954On the food front, we’ve cooked up to old favorites — and crowd pleasers — in the past few days. Starting with WINGS, Anthony’s all-time favorite food. What an American! Baked fries and salad on the side.wings_DSC0388And last night — spaghetti and meatballs! I put the sauce in the slow cooker at 6 am so it had a loooooong time to cook. Yum. pasta_DSC0391Off to get the day started. Have a good one!

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