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I know I should probably keep it light on a Friday morning, but I have to pause for a moment since I’m typing this post after reading the morning headlines. The amount of violence we’ve witnessed in the US and across the world lately is horrifying. I said some prayers on my run this morning. (And have called my congresswoman!)20160708_061958What do you think about when you run? My mind usually wanders all over the place and sometimes it’s almost blank, which sounds boring but is actually quite nice.20160708_060924Five (hot, sloggy) miles to close out the week. We have a final few days with Anthony’s family, who is visiting from Australia, and then the house will be weirdly quiet next week. 20160708_065111Not much else to share from my end today, so here are some finds from around the web! May they brighten a day full of bad news.

The Evolution of Exercise in 10 Iconic Fitness Trends (this is funny)

Runner Boris Berian Goes From McDonald’s Employee to a Symbol of Athletes’ Rights (this is inspiring)

Running in the Fells of Northern England (this sounds awesome/really hard)

See you on Monday!