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table for 2 & a tough run

Greetings! Let’s start with dinner and then go for a run. Does this table look familiar?vietnamese-chicken-salad_DSC0414After hosting Anthony’s family for the past few weeks, it’s weird to go back to a table for two! We’ve jumped back on the Cook Smarts wagon and settling into our usual routine. First meal on the menu: Vietnamese chicken salad.vietnamese-chicken-salad_DSC0419A bunch of veggies and vermicelli noodles, topped with soy-marinated chicken and some peanuts for crunch! Plus fresh basil and mint from the garden. I love having free, abundant, tasty herbs in the summer :)_DSC0426-001Summer running, on the other hand, is another story. Went for a run yesterday and it was a STRUGGLE.20160711_070127The heat was dragging us down and my stomach was in knots (after a night of pizza… worth it). Had to stop for a few walking breaks! No shame.20160711_070412Even though I wanted to stop at mile three I was determined to make it to five. Does anyone else set out with a mile number in mind, and then stubbornly refuse to alter their goal? I typically stick to the plan and only occasionally cut a run short. That being said, when things are BAD I’ll call it quits. Flashback to the time I went made it eight miles through a 16-mile route and took the metro home… and that time I started walking at mile 23 of a marathon. Tough times.20160711_073812And those are all of the stories I have for you today! Here are some fun finds from around the interwebs if you’re interested:

Run Mama Run: Go figure, my mom told me about this video series featuring elite runner Sarah Brown as she trained for the Olympic trials while pregnant. I watched the first video and obviously already know the ending (did you guys follow the Olympic trials? I caught a few bits here and there). I still plan to watch the remaining three videos in the series, though!

25 Recovery Tips from the Best Ultra Marathoners in the World: The stats in this article make me wonder how and why anyone can run over 26.2 miles. Insane! And the tips from the runners themselves are pretty funny. Some insist that you need to keep running after the race to keep your muscles loose, others say to take weeks completely off, and others say to keep racing?ultrarunner

Better Homemade Yogurt: 5 Ways to Make  Yogurt Thicker: I’ve been playing around with my homemade yogurt lately and trying a few tricks to make it creamier and thicker. Building off of these five tips, here’s what I’ve found: 1) Longer initial heating — this is true. If I have time, I’ll take 1-2 hours to bring my yogurt up to 195 degrees. 2) Let the yogurt sit — there is some truth to this. I think 6-7 hours of oven sitting time is ideal. Anything in the 8-10 hour range and the yogurt gets too chunky. 3) Strain the yogurt — of course! I bought this fun strainer and use it for every batch. 4 — Add non-fat dried milk. Have not tried this technique but am curious! 5 — add gelatin. Okay, I tried this one and it totally failed. My yogurt separated and got really funky. I had to throw it out. Wonder what went wrong?!!homemade_yogurt__DSC0005