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sunny side up

Sunny side up!


For real, though. Wait till you see the meal at the end of this post :). I was up extra early today so that I could spend a few miles with Lizzie. We headed down to the airfield for old times’ sake. This hill doesn’t get any easier but the view from the top (when I have to stop, hang my head, and catch my breath for a few minutes) is nice.


Street furniture! Lovely set of assorted chair parts on Carter Ave. All you need is some super glue and you’re good to go!


BTW, my super glued Brooks Pure Connects are holding up fine in case anyone was wondering (remember when I melted them in a campfire?). We’ve had to re-glue them a few times but they’re still going strong!


And now for that sunny side up reference…


On the menu last night was Cook Smarts’ “farmer’s market skillet!” We didn’t buy anything in this dish from the farmer’s market — in fact, most of it is from Aldi :) Does anyone else shop there? I love it. We buy almost all of our groceries there (apart from meat and some specialty items) and have brought our grocery budget down by a LOT. That means I have more to spend on fancy shoes and race registrations.


Anyways, back to this skillet. It’s basically just a bunch of vegetables and sweet taters scrambled together. Topped with egg, basil, and cheese.


Have an egg-cellent day :)

  • Any other Aldi lovers out there? What’s your favorite item? (Mine is a tie between Moser Roth chocolate and 50-cent avocados!)
  • Favorite way to eat an egg? (I like mine omelet-style!)
  • Last time you super glued something? (I feel like we super glue stuff at least once a week…)

8 thoughts on “sunny side up

  1. I’ve never been to Aldi – We don’t have one in Canada, but there is one about an hour away in our US border town in NY. I haven’t stopped in yet though. I wish they would open up a Trader Joes there too.

    I had to super glue my NYC marathon mini-me figurine because my son broke it :-(

  2. I love the moser roth chocolate at Aldi too! I have two flavors in my drawer right now – the dark orange and dark chili :)

  3. Aldi likes: Belgian cookies, organic granola cereal, waffle potato chips, cara cara oranges… I could go on. Their chocolate chips are even good!

    • Update! Could not find the waffle chips OR the cookies at my Aldi. Do you have the actual names of the “brand”? I found some European-like cookies but wasn’t sure if they were the right ones! :)