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10 reasons i love running

As the hot, slow days of summer start dragging us down, I thought today I’d take a moment and reflect on the reasons I love running! Hopefully this list of 10 good things will inspire you to keep running through the heat like they have for me :)

1. You can run anywhere. One of the main reasons I started running is because I didn’t have a gym membership and didn’t really know how to work out. Running seemed like an easy fitness option because I could do it right from my front door! I started running in 2006 at the end of high school and kept going through college. I moved a lot and traveled abroad a handful of times from 2006 to 2014, and it was nice that I could take running with me wherever I went. Shout-out to all of the runs I’ve done in England.


2. It’s (mostly) free. Until you start blowing money on race registrations and fancy running gear, running is fantastic because it’s pretty much free! All you need are some running shoes. And please splurge on at least a few sweat-wicking shirts and shorts. When I first started running I wore a lot of cotton… not good. Now I spend hundreds of dollars at Athleta.


3. It’s mental and physical. I go a little crazy if I don’t get to run regularly (just ask Anthony) because running is my “me” time. I personally like to run at the start of the day to get my brain going and soak up some fresh air before heading to work. Other people like de-stressing with a run at the end of a tough day. Whatever works!


4. It’s simple. Although running can definitely get in your head, it’s also a brilliantly simple sport. All you do is put one foot in front of the other. Back when I had a running coach, he used to remind me of this all the time and it really helped me get out of my own head. I tend to run my best when I completely zone out, and remembering that running is just a simple forward movement makes the whole thing a lot easier to do.


5. It’s social. Running buddies are the best! People often compare running to sports like swimming and biking and I just can’t imagine doing those two other sports because the first thing I wonder is: How would you chat with your friends along the way? (And also, how uncomfortable are those bike seats and swim caps?) I suppose you could sneak in a few discussions here and there but I think running is one of the best sports of all time for being social. I’ve had so many deep, random, and life-changing conversations on runs with friends! (Shout out to Anne!)

6. It’s competitive. Another reason I love to run is because it’s one of the best and purest forms of straight-up competition, especially if you’re on the track. A flat surface and a perfectly measured distance? At that point it’s basically just you against the clock, with weather being the only variable. Few other sports offer such a clean-cut comparison point for performance. And, of course, the whole competition aspect of racing is fun, too!


7. It’s outdoorsy. I’ve gotten to know so many cities, parks, and trails while on the run! As well as witness hundreds of street furniture pieces and sunrises. Getting out for a run lets me soak up some vitamin D and connect with mother nature.


8. It’s year-round. Unless you are a wimp, running is a year-round sport! Apart from extreme weather events and treacherous icy streets, there aren’t many things that would prohibit me from running outside. Unlike seasonal sports, I get to enjoy running all year long :)


9. It’s (mostly) good for you. I think it’s safe to say that most medical professionals would say that running is a good form of exercise for the majority of people. It’s one of the oldest sports out there! Not only has running made me more physically fit, but it’s also encouraged me to eat healthier and get more sleep.


10. It’s fun to talk about. Lastly, I love running because it’s fun to talk about (um, what do you think this whole blog thing has focused on for the past four years?!). After the “running boom” about five years ago, it seems like just about everyone is a runner these days. Running is a great conversation starter! (Shout out to Meb and Sokphal!)


What would you add to the list?

8 thoughts on “10 reasons i love running

  1. Those are great! I would add one: Running (especially in the heat or cold) makes me feel tough. Not completely invincible, but I feel like I could take on the world after I conquered 5 miles in the summer or 16 miles in the snow!

  2. I thought about this post while I was swimming last night and regarding number five- one of the things that I really like about swimming is the fact that you can’t talk to anyone while you’re doing it. Kind of like your zen running without headphones, I feel like I have to really get my thoughts in order and there aren’t any distractions. It really works on your mental game! (Plus they make lycra swim caps which are approximately ten thousand times more comfortable than those plasticy latex ones).

    • haha, i suppose that is true! fair point. still not wearing a swim cap, it would make for terrible blog selfies

  3. i love running because its the one thing that can calm me, wash away stress and worry and just be in the moment hearing my own breath and my heart pounding in my chest. Makes me feel so strong, able to handle anything.

  4. Yes yes yes to most (:>) of this! I do run for my me-time, so it’s not a social thing for me regularly. Although I will run with my brother or others if the opportunity arises! And, I do most of my runs ridiculously early on the treadmill at the gym, but that just makes the random outside runs I get occasionally even better! I just don’t understand why people don’t get it when I say “But I NEED to run tomorrow…”