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white castle, spring rolls, wild yeast

Friday! Woke up to a little link love from my friends at Swiftwick, who apparently love running as much as I do :) What’s making you smile today?20160715_061824Five end-of-week miles around East Nashville. Tomorrow I’m meeting up with the PR Bandits for my longer-ish run so I took this one nice and easy!20160715_061643Beautiful morning and some beautiful street food finds. Talk about a dream dinner — White Castle and Bacardi. Oh the things I see on my runs.20160715_063550I’m kind of over the whole summer running thing, but this jog was a little less painful than the rest have been lately. Let’s hope the humidity dies down for the weekend…20160715_064325Speaking of summer, Cook Smarts had spring rolls on the menu this week. Really refreshing on a hot July night!spring_rolls_cook_smarts__DSC0463I also had the most random craving for miso soup. So, I dropped by my favorite little Asian market after work and picked up some stuff for that, too! Here’s the simple recipe I followed. (I’m really crushing on Emma Christensen of The Kitchn right now, btw. Love her in-depth food science tips!)spring_rolls_cook_smarts__DSC0469Inside each roll: Mango, mint, basil, carrots, cucumber, and chicken. Some of the ingredient were left over from Monday’s salad which saved me a little bit of time — but let’s not kid ourselves, this meal isn’t really a quick weeknight dinner. Luckily I felt like spending some time in the kitchen last night getting my spring roll groove on.spring_rolls_cook_smarts__DSC0467Speaking of the kitchen and The Kitchn, to all of my bread lovers: Look at my sourdough starter! I’ve spent all week feeding and nurturing my wild yeast and am so proud of my bubbly little buddy.homemade_sourdough-starter_DSC0473He will fuel my first loaf of sourdough bread this weekend! Wish me luck.

  • Any wild yeast fans out there?
  • Last time you ate at White Castle/any fast food place?
  • How many minutes/hours do you spend cooking on a typical weeknight?

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