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weekend recap

_DSC0483^^ Let’s start this post with pasta!!_DSC0481On the Cook Smarts menu last week was spaghetti carbonara, which is basically pasta, eggs, bacon, and cheese. Really no way you can go wrong with that combo. Perfect Friday fuel for a Saturday run! 20160716_065856I dragged myself out of bed at 5 a.m. so that I could meet up with the PR Bandits at 6. So hard to start so early, but so good to have a group to help me get it over with! We did a downtown route that was pretty fun. Too bad this ice cream shop doesn’t serve breakfast ice cream or I would have stopped.20160716_070130Look that the Tennessee state capitol! Wonder if I should start a Nashville November Project on these steps? 20160716_070757All done. 20160716_071845Post-run bliss: Cold shower, pajamas, Mindy Project, and a smoothie. Does anyone else miss Danny like I do? I’m not a huge fan of Mindy’s new BF.20160716_075847Later that day I put real clothes on so that we could head over to our friends’ new house for dinner! Nothing says “congrats on your new home” like a big pan of enchiladas. I followed the Cook’s Illustrated recipe, which has been re-published here. Like the blogger suggests, I did my chicken in the slow cooker the day before._DSC0498Tracee whipped up rice and slaw for the sides! We’re a perfect team. So good to catch up with these two — we hadn’t seen them in months!_DSC0500The rest of our weekend was spent doing some much-needed work around the house which felt really good in a weird way. Lots of admin randomness and chores that we’d been putting off while we hosted Anthony’s family. Now everything is nice and organized and prepped, including the famous fruit bowls:fruit-cup_DSC0484And maybe a loaf of homemade sourdough bread? Still working on this weeks-long adventure but should have some results soon :)homemade_sourdough_DSC0493And that’s all I’ve got! Hope you had a good weekend!

  • Any other Mindy/Danny fans out there?
  • Ever made homemade sourdough? I’m not sure mine is going to make it…
  • Do you usually do your long runs solo or with a group?