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review: Harper Knit active wear



Beautiful views on yesterday’s run, even though it was stinking hot outside. I headed down to the park for a simple out-and-back route because I was too lazy to plan a loop :)


Six miles to start off the week! Notice my new shorts and top?


They’re from Harper Knit! I found this local active wear brand on Instagram not too long ago and was pretty excited when they asked me to try out some gear.


Last week I headed into the Harper Knit store here in Nashville to take a look at all of the cute workout clothes. This is my happy place.


Harper Knit was just launched in April and their collection is growing! Right now their super-comfy shorts are their best sellers, but I tried on the leggings and tank and was a fan of those too. Most of their sales are online, btw — so if you’re not in Nashville but looking for some new gear, you can still treat yourself to something nice :)


One note about the shorts — they’re made of really soft, comfy material. For some reason I thought they’d be made of plastic-y, itchy stuff before I saw them in person and was pleasantly surprised! One potential drawback is that they don’t have a mini pocket for keys or Gu. I personally don’t mind since I wear my keys on a wristband but thought some of you might want to know that!


A handful of Harper Knit’s items have Tennessee spirit, too :) Love these state flag shorts!


I got them in black instead of orange. No offense to my UT friends…


A lot of you have asked about sizing/fit in the past so here’s my take on the fit of Harper Knit: The shorts seem pretty true to fit (I’m wearing a size small), the leggings seem a little larger than most (a small was a little too roomy for me) and the tops were a bit on the smaller side, especially in the chest area. So if you’re not a lifelong member of the IBTC, you might want to order a size up in the tanks. I’m personally a huge fan of the tank’s neckline, which doesn’t flop down when you bend over and has a cute little bunch on the back. The tank is thin and breezy — perfect for a hot summer run!


Thanks for letting me sport your stuff, Harper Knit! If you’re looking to upgrade your workout wardrobe, give this new brand a try :) Hope you like them!


  • One lesser-known fitness apparel brand you’re a fan of? (I have too many to count!)
  • What’s the most important feature of running shorts for you? (I’m all about the waistlines and stitching)
  • How often do you buy new running clothes? (I probably splurge 1-2 times a year)