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today’s run & this week’s eats

Sun is up, and so am I (barely)!


Needed a bit of extra motivation this morning so I headed out a little early to meet up with East Nasty. We did a downtown route that had a nice long uphill climb at the end :)


I chatted with a new running buddy for most of the way, which helped this run fly by. Five miles over before I knew it!


Not much else to report on the running front other than I’m ready for fall please.

Moving into the kitchen… I wasn’t a huge fan of the Cook Smarts menu this week (lots of pulled pork, which we’ve eaten a ton of lately) so I’ve been winging it. Up first was an old standby: quiche! The spinach and bacon balance each other out, right? And the crust is whole wheat (with lard and butter)…


Speaking of which, I was extra proud of my crust this time! My mother-in-law bought me a pastry cutter and pastry dough mat that helped me achieve the perfect circular size and consistency :)


Served with a side of broccoli and The Good Wife! Season 7 is finally available on Hulu and Anthony and I are hooked again. I don’t know what I’ll do with my life when it’s all over.

bacon and spinach quiche with broccoli

The other meal on our menu this week was burger salads. Inspired by an bag of stale pita bread from the depths of my freezer , I decided to make pita chips in the oven and go Greek-style with this one. I made a tzatziki-like dressing and packed the salad with olives, sundried tomatoes, cucumbers, and feta.


What’s on your menu this week?

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  1. Milad and I have been watching the good wife and are about to start season 4, ahh! I’m pretty sure I’m a full fledged lawyer at this point.