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Hi! Thanks for all of your sweet (or should I say sour?) comments on my sourdough story from yesterday! Since I don’t have slices of bread to share with you this week I have two big bowls of noodles instead. Starting with what I think was Szechuan spicy noodles:_DSC0015I was flipping through my favorite Cook’s Illustrated cookbook the other day and this recipe sounded delicious! I didn’t have ground pork so I subbed in pork loin which I slow cooked sort of like this recipe. Then I added in bell peppers for some veggie power, subbed fish sauce for oyster sauce (which I think is a no-no, actually) and mixed everything together in a big wok. So I have no idea what I actually made but it was tasty._DSC0020The star of the show: Chinese peppercorns! I feel like almost every Chinese-ish recipe I attempt calls for these so I finally sucked it up and bought a a bunch of them on Amazon. This bag should last me about 100 years._DSC0013Noodle adventure #2: King Market in Antioch! I read about this super hole-in-the-wall Asian market/jewelry store/restaurant on Yelp and convinced my sister to give it a try with me last night :)king_market_antioch_DSC0023The restaurant is stuck in the back of the store like its own little world. The menu has a bunch of Thai, Vietnamese, and Laotian dishes — with pictures printed next to each menu description, of course! Ha. When I saw you could order an entire coconut, I thought that was a good idea:king_market_antioch__DSC0024And since all the Yelpers had raved about the kao suy, that’s what I tried. It was kind of like a bowl of pho with spicier, smokier, and more tomato-y flavors. Yum. king_market_antioch__DSC0025Thumbs up for King Market! This random little restaurant is darn good. I’ll definitely be back.

And since I guess this is a running blog, we can take a noodle break for a quick four miles.20160721_070335I didn’t feel like running up the East Nashville hills yesterday so drove myself to the park for a flat out-and-back instead. What a treat.20160721_065222Nashvillians – does anyone else get nervous running over the Shelby Park greenway bridges? I swear they get creakier and shakier with every footstep. I run extra fast over them!20160721_063944As for tomorrow, I’m looking forward to a Brentwood run with the PR Bandits. And then binging on The Good Wife for the rest of the weekend! What are your plans?

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  1. Wish I was there to run in Brentwood! Missing some Nashville run time……..but I really just want this darn heat wave to end and summer to cool off about 10 degrees!