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uncomfortable run moment & an awkward video

Morning! We were up past 9:30 which is a pretty big deal in the Lambkin household. Almost overslept this morning but I had my East Nasty running buddies to hold me accountable!


We did a loop through the park with a bunch of hills. On the road again, we had an uncomfortable encounter with a lady driving a car. She was turning right and didn’t look left once for pedestrians and nearly ran us over! Obviously we knew she was totally zoned out so we all stopped and gave her the big hands-in-the-air rolling-eyes kind of look. I hate when drivers do that!


Anyways, other than that angry moment of my morning, today is off to a good start. I’ll just need to schedule a nap around 2 pm.


In other news, thanks to everyone who tuned in for my Swiftwick socks presentation yesterday! Hopefully I wasn’t painfully awkward to watch. Here’s a tiny and weirdly spaced embedded photo or you can watch on Swiftwick’s Facebook page.

I ended up sticking around for Garrett’s functional training presentation after my little schpeel, and was really impressed by his expertise. He took us through a range of exercises that focused on all the areas runners typically suffer with (core, hips, glutes).


A few more strength/cross/functional training posts: TRX for runners, my favorite bosu ball exercises, and tips for becoming a faster runner.

The other secret to running success: CARBS! After my sourdough fail the other week I was able to kind of resurrect my starter by adding more flour and letting it recover in the humid Nashville air. Then I made this dough per a reader recommendation! Thanks Kathy!


I guess you could say I cheated a bit by using commercial yeast in this loaf, but at least it was edible! :) Still not high-quality sourdough material but not so bad either. I think my dough might have been a little too dry this time? Must keep practicing.


What are you working on these days?

One thought on “uncomfortable run moment & an awkward video

  1. Biking has definitely made me a more conscious driver since you never forget almost getting turned into or pushed off the road by a car whose driver isn’t paying attention. Everyone should run and bike more, obviously. Also, yesterday I got my oil changed at a place around the corner from my office. I dropped my car off and walked the less than half a mile to get to work on a very busy road with no shoulder or sidewalk. It was stupid and unsafe and I think there should be more infrastructure for non-driving forms of transportation. And with that I will go do some single leg squats at my desk, thanks for the inspiration my friend.