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I’ve been mixing up the meal plan a little bit lately — straying from Cook Smarts a couple nights a week and digging back into one of my favorite cook books!


Sundays feel right for roasting whole chickens, so that’s what I did to close out the weekend. This roast lemon chicken recipe was soo good! A little labor-intensive at the end but worth it. 


On the side: All of the veggies! Okra is probably one of my top five favorites.


Everything on our plate is courtesy of the Nashville farmer’s market (except for the chicken — that’s a Costco special :) ). We stopped on Saturday and I bought a ton of goodies.


I didn’t realize that Tennessee peaches are a thing, but they are. And they’re in season right now and really tasty!


Also on the menu: these salmon soba noodles bowls a la Cook Smarts.


Loved this dish! It’s just a bunch of veggies and fish marinated in a soy/honey/miso sauce, cooked, and served over noodles with more sauce. And sriracha of course :)


Look at the pretty roses Anthony got me the other day! What a nice guy. Speaking of which — anyone excited for The Bachelorette finale coming up?!!


And lastly, I’m obsessed with a new band I found called Sugar + the Hi-Lows! Perfect “sing along while making dinner” kind of music.

Give them a listen, let me know what you think! See you on FRIDAY!

3 thoughts on “thoughts from the kitchen

  1. I loved the salmon bowls too! Milad didn’t like it very much though, he thought it was too bitter. How do you make your okra not slimy? I have never been successful.