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weekend eats + adventures

How was your weekend? Ours started with an ice cream adventure:


I read about La Michoacana in the Nashville Scene the other week and have been obsessed with it ever since! I HAD to try it. It was totally worth the drive down to Nolensville Pike.


Mango and coconut. Next time I’m going to try the famous mangoanada (mango sorbet, lime juice, chamoy sauce and tajin?!)


If you live in Nashville you should definitely check this place out (and brush up on your Spanish beforehand). And if you don’t live in Nashville you should buy plane tickets now because this ice cream is the BEST.

Other than our exotic ice cream outing, everything else this weekend was pretty low key! On Saturday I knocked out some work first thing in the morning and then started my run at the stupid hour of 10 a.m. Thank goodness it was ** only ** 80 degrees when Anthony and I started running. Closer to 85 when we finished :(


Took a few walk breaks in the shade. It was a hat + sunglasses + sunscreen kind of day.


Water tastes so much better (even warm water fountain water) during a hot summer run.  Also PS have I told you how happy I am I’m not marathon training this summer? I can’t imagine running 20+ miles in this weather.


Eight miles in the books!


On Saturday night we hosted my parents for an impromptu dinner!


I inherited quite a bit of fresh pasta a couple of months ago when I interviewed an amazing Hungarian pasta chef. It’s been in my freezer for too long so we decided to boil it up! Those are three types of noodles: spinach, chili, and squid ink!


Topped with garlicky shrimp and fresh basil. Kudos to Mom for peeling all of the shrimp for me :) Simple but so good!


And as for Sunday — pool time with our nieces and nephews followed by a big ole family dinner. I made two loaves of bread for the occasion:


And Anthony became a rhino.


What was the best thing you did this weekend?