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homemade pizza, bachelorette finale, unremarkable run

No run to share with you today. I overslept because we were up late watching the final rose ceremony! #noshame


We had a few friends over for a pizza and viewing party! I’ve always wanted to try making pizza dough in my bread machine so I finally gave it a go. I did a whole wheat dough that turned out pretty well!


Plus all the fixins:


Next time I’ll try to get the dough a little thinner but I think overall our first attempt was quite delicious. I mean, with all that mozzerella how could one go wrong.


Have you ever made your own pizza dough? I used my bread machine for ultimate easiness but I bet it wouldn’t be too hard to do by hand either.


And also — what did you think of the Bachelorette ending?! I’m a little unsure about Jordan. Fun fact: I met his ex girlfriend when I reviewed SHED Fitness?!! She was our instructor! Ha.

Okay, enough pizza and reality TV gossip. Let’s talk about running!


I made it out yesterday just in time for the prettiest sunrise. Don’t let the airfield fool you into thinking Nashville is flat — there is a massive hill to get to this small runway of smoothness :)


I was the only soul out there. Guess a lot of local runners decided to take Monday off?


Nothing truly remarkable about this run… I suppose no news is good news.


Tell me your Bachelorette/pizza/running thoughts in the comments!

5 thoughts on “homemade pizza, bachelorette finale, unremarkable run

  1. I am team Luke! I wasn’t surprised that she picked Jordan, but did you notice that the last 4 remaining guys…ALL LOOKED THE SAME?! Girlfriend has a type!