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little hollywood & a big pile of potatoes

Halfway through the week! Lately I’ve been counting on the East Nasty run club to get me running on Wednesdays.


We did one of my favorite routes through “Little Hollywood.” There’s a random couple of blocks in East Nashville where all of the homes are Spanish/Hollywood-style. So random but so cute!


Another mid-week motivation for me: new socks! After my Facebook video the other day, Swiftwick sent me some of my favorite Vibe socks. BTW I’m nearing the end of my years-long journey with the Brooks PureConnects. Seven pairs down and I’m going to be forced to get a new pair of kicks now that they’ve been discontinued :( Any recommendations? I was thinking Saucony Kinvara or something in the Mizuno Wave family….


Six sweaty miles in the books. Looking forward to some fall running weather.


On the menu last night: pork chops! I’m trying to clean out our freezer this week and found two lonely chops in the very back of the frozen abyss.


I’ve only cooked pork chops a couple of times before so I turned to this spice mix and Serious Eats for guidance. Anthony monitored the grill while I handled the sides.


Grilled zucchinis and a small mountain made of one of my favorite foods of all time: mashed potatoes. I could probably eat mashed potatoes every day of my life and still love them the most.


What’s on your running/food menu lately? And what new running shoes should I get?!

16 thoughts on “little hollywood & a big pile of potatoes

  1. I wear mizunos. If you’re used to Brook’s, you may not like them. Mizunos are known for being more hard and less cushy (why I like them) and they truly feel unlike any other shoe I have ever tried. But the wave rider is a great shoe if you can get used to the way they feel!

    • i’ve run in a few mizunos before, most recently the hitogamis! agreed, they are sort of hard in a weirdly good way. i’ve always liked mizunos but never LOVED them, if that makes sense… think it’s time to give saucony a go after a long breakup

  2. 1.) Your pork chops look amazing and I’m now hungry.

    2.) Consider the Saucony Zealots. The Kinvaras are nice, but the Zealots are the cushier version (it may be more comfy after enjoying the squishy Connects). They aren’t quite as low drop as the Connects, though. Sizing seems similar to Brooks.

  3. I know how it feels when they discontinue your fav shoes. I loved my brooks pure drifts…..best shoes ever! I like mizuno wave inspires, brooks Ravenna’s, and saucony guides. The mizunos are less cushy and flexible but still supportive…..although they sometimes rub a spot on my toe. If you want to stick with brooks you should try the ravenna……..it is fairly light but supportive.

    • is it cruel that i’m so mad at brooks that i refuse to buy a “sister shoe” of the one i loved?! haha

  4. I have the Saucony Women’s Cohesion 9. I LOVE THEM. So cushy! I get them off of Amazon for around $40. That’s what I would recommend. But. I have very narrow feet, so take that into consideration, as well. I can’t wear Brooks because they are way too wide for my feet!

    • i also have narrow feet and am thinking saucony might be right for me! cohesions look a little cushy for my liking but maybe i’ll try them on at a store. :)

  5. I wore Brooks Ravennas for years, but after my arch and feet were consistently sore I tried the New Balance Vongo. Awesome for mostly neutral runners who need some extra foot and arch cushioning. Totally not soft and squishy though (which I hate). Love them after years of hating all New Balance shoes. The drop is pretty low (around 4mm I think) so they took some transition time. Worth it.

    • oh innnteresting! the ravennas, i hear, are a bit cushier than the pureconnects. the vongos look super cute, but i had some NB w1400s earlier this year and sort of swore never to wear new balance again. but if you changed your heart, maybe i can too…

    • I recently switched from Asics to the New Balance Vongos as well. It definitely took some getting used to, my calves were sore after runs at first but I LOVE them. Definitely give them a whirl when you’re jogging around your running store.

  6. Looks tasty!!

    I love love LOVE my Kinvara 7s, but they are way different than Pure Connects (at least the pair I have). The Kinvaras are much more flexible & have a less cushioned, slightly harder feeling sole. (I like it that way though — I mostly wear the Connects when my feet are feeling beat up & need some extra cushioning.)

    • yes, i recall the kinvaras being particularly thin, which i think i would actually like but not sure. i haven’t worn them in years so need to check out the latest version!

  7. I just recently got some Kinvaras so I only have about 50 miles on them, (I rotate my shoes almost every run) but so far I really like them! I haven’t done a long run in them but I love them for middle distance and speed work. I also have a narrow foot and they are the best fitting shoe I have tried. I’m a New Balance girl and recently also tried the Brooks Launch which I’m not a huge fan of.

    • oh, interesting, i also have a narrow foot which is why i’ve been a little less jazzed about the pureconnects over the year because they keep making them wider. i had kinvaras like 6 years ago and remember they had a very wide toebox. however, seems like they’ve slimmed down more recently. i had new balances earlier this year and hated them — they fell apart in like 2 months. need to investigate!

  8. I’ve been running in Saucony Kinvaras for about 5 years and love them! I just recently started running in the Saucony Zealot. They do have more cushion than the Kinveras, but they are slightly heavier. I wear the Zealots for training and the Kinvaras for racing (if you can call my pace racing). Best of both worlds!

    • ohhh, i’ll look into both! i wore the kinvaras years ago and liked them, though i do remember them being quite thin.