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5 favorites of late

First, thank you for all of your shoe recommendations yesterday! Now I’m actually kind of excited to shop for a new pair of running shoes, even though it will be bittersweet to say goodbye to my PureConnects :)

In return, I have some recommendations for you! Here are five things I’ve been loving lately….

1. Meter Running Magazine/Blog: When I reviewed Tracksmith clothes a few weeks ago, I came across the brand’s running magazine, Meter, and thought it sounded so cool! I haven’t subscribed to the print publication yet but have been reading the Meter blog, which is a refreshing read after scrolling through a bunch of ads and “click bait”-style posts on Runner’s World and other similar fitness/running sites.


2. Dash Greek Yogurt Maker: I’m still making yogurt every week and have fine-tuned my methods more with every batch! We recently invested in this “yogurt maker,” whose name is a bit misleading because it’s not a simple all-in-one yogurt maker — more of just a yogurt heater. But, that’s basically what all “yogurt makers” under $100 are. Why I bought it: One step that can be tricky after heating and cooling your milk and adding your starter is keeping your milk/yogurt at the perfect warm, humid temperature for 7-10 hours. This machine keeps the milk at a consistent and cozy 90-ish degrees, which helps keep the bacteria alive and results in tangy, creamy yogurt! And if you buy it in this obnoxious hot pink color, it’s only $22 on Amazon. I’ll have to do a full followup post on yogurt making with more details… because I know there are other yogurt freaks out there like me who want to know more 😉


3. The Good Wife: I have to give a final shout-out to The Good Wife on my blog. After almost a year of watching, we FINALLY finished season 7 over the weekend! Paired with the finale of The Bachelorette, it’s been a very dramatic TV week for me. Has anyone else watched The Good Wife? What did you think of the ending?


4. Jovial Einkorn cookies: I don’t know what “Einkorn” means but I’m redefining it as delicious. I picked these up on a whim the other day at the store and can’t stop snacking on them! They’re organic, “artisan,” and have 3 grams of protein per serving… that makes them healthy, right? 😉 Also, I just discovered you can buy einkorn flour (whatever that means). Maybe I should buy some for my next loaf of bread?


5. Orlando Pita Argan gloss shampoo. I got this shampoo at Costco, but it looks like Amazon sells it for the same price! I’m not very picky about hair products but this one seems to smell and feel a little more luxurious than most. Plus I’m partial to anything with a pump instead of a cap.


What are you loving lately?

5 thoughts on “5 favorites of late

  1. Definitely try Einkorn flour! I’ve been a fan for quite awhile. It’s spendy but so worth it. The bread from the flour is incredible.

    • oh really? is it like extra soft, chewy, strong, or what? i use king arthur bread flour and had thought that that flour was the king of them all!

  2. Coincidentally I just discovered Tracksmith as well. (I’m so tired of pastel women’s running clothes.) I ordered (somewhat guiltily, they are not cheap) the navy blue competition top & so far I love it!

  3. Since you mention The Good Wife so often, I finally started watching it recently, and have already plowed through an embarrassing amount of episodes/seasons! So good though!