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Hi! How was your weekend? Here are a few quick snapshots from ours, starting with some divey Mexican food of course:


Continuing with our Nolensville Pike exploration, on Friday Anthony and I met up with some adventurous friends for dinner at Las Americas, a highly rated hole-in-the-wall spot!

Two tacos and a papusa — brought back memories of the time we made pupusas by hand for five hours.


Las Americas was delicious BUT I still think El Jaliciense takes the cake for best tacos is town! Afterwards we went to La Michoacana for ice cream because I can’t stop thinking about this place since we went two weekends ago. And then…. I went again fore more ice cream on Sunday. Don’t judge.


On Saturday I skipped out on my long run to try a new cycle studio in Franklin with my friend Katie! CycleBar opens on August 22nd and I was honored to have a “sneak peek” ride! 


Full review coming later this week!


On Sunday I was a bad blogger and took only a couple of photos. And a bad runner because I hated just about every footstep of our run… it was just SO humid outside.


On a more positive note, a new track opened up near our house and Anthony and I are super excited about it! The track that I usually go to (but let’s be honest, I haven’t been to in 6+ months because I’m not training for anything and have no desire to run fast right now) is sort of yucky and I’ve seen some shady stuff go down there. So, yay for this new track that seems a lot cleaner and safer.


The main gate was locked but we were able to sneak in through the side :)


Four extremely difficult miles, done! I don’t know if this counts as a run or a swim.


Plus an extra mile around Costco, my happy place.


Why not end this post with a loaf of bread? It’s been a while since I added to the carbtastic chronicles so maybe I’ll do a feature on this cinnamon-walnut-raisin loaf later this week.


Wondering where the other end of the loaf went? Well, somebody couldn’t wait until the bread photo shoot before they started slicing (not pointing fingers, Anthony…). :)


I also tried out a new braid technique on this guy which seemed to result in more evenly distributed raisins! It’s the little things in life.


Off to get this day started!

  • What’s one of the WORST runs you’ve had lately? (Sunday’s was up there for me)
  • What’s one of the BEST things you’ve eaten lately? (If it’s not obvious, I have an ice cream addiction right now)
  • What would be your FAVORITE place to grocery shop if you had an unlimited budget? (I would still love Costco. And also Whole Foods and this store called Waitrose in the UK)

2 thoughts on “weekend snapshots

  1. Worst run recently was Thursday……….it was after work and rediculously (spelling?!) humid. Ugh. My favorite food item right now is either chocolate chip teddy grahams or cold melon (watermelon and cantaloupe, to be specific). And I would spend all of my money at Publix (ours is crazy good and the produce is tops) or Whole Foods. I could eat their salad bar every day.