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CycleBar Franklin review

Over the weekend, I had the chance to review CycleBar Franklin!


This new studio officially opens on August 22nd and will offer “concierge-level service and an exhilarating experience that goes far beyond a great cardio fitness workout” to Nashvillians. I just checked the CycleBar schedule and it looks like they’re offering FREE classes from now until then, though — so if you live in the area and want to check it out, get your butt over there for a free ride :)

CycleBar Franklin is brand new and one of the nicest studios I’ve been to in my 4+ years of cycling/fitness studio reviews. Everything inside was shiny, clean, and perfectly placed!


I brought my friend Katie along for the ride (pun intended). Thanks for coming, Katie!


The CycleBar lobby is spacious and welcoming. Within minutes of arriving the team had helped us get clip-in shoes and assigned us lockers with customized lock combos.


Then it was time to ride! My favorite thing about CycleBar was the cycle “theater” and bikes. Like a theater, the room has different levels/heights of bikes so that bikers in the back have room to breathe and can easily see the instructor. I’ve been to other studios where bikers are packed in like sardines — so this was literally a breath of fresh air!


Also, the bikes themselves were some of the coolest indoor cycling bikes I’ve ever seen. They were super high-tech and their screens actually showed what level of difficulty your bike was set to (between 1 and 10). In most cycle classes, instructors tell you to increase or decrease the level of difficulty based on how you personally feel (because there is no way to actually measure the resistance level of the bike). But at CycleBar, it’s actually very clear what level your bike is set at which I found helpful. So if the instructor tells you to set your bike to a level 8, you can simply see what level you’re at instead of trying to guess based on feel. I think this feature is mostly a good thing, though I will admit that if I *hadn’t* known the actual resistance level of my bike, maybe I actually would have pushed myself harder?


Also, like a few other high-tech cycle studios I’ve been to in the past, CycleBar has a live “leaderboard” that they can turn on and off during class for “races.” Fun!

Our instructor started and ended class on time, was energetic and encouraging, and very clear when leading us through different hills, speeds, and resistance levels. I personally wished she would have pushed us a little harder and coordinated our ride a little more closely with the music (because for me, cycling classes are like 90% about the music!) but other than that, she was great! Overall I had a decent workout that was on par with most other cycling studios I’ve been to in terms of difficulty, though CycleBar did stand out in terms of its facility and equipment. Here’s my final review:

CycleBar Franklin
Location  Franklin/Cool Springs
Class times  5:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Class days 7 days a week
Locker rooms | showers  Cubbies | yes (I think I saw 1 or maybe 2 showers)
Price  $13-$20 per class  (see pricing)
Class duration  50 minutes
Music  Yes. A mix of top 40 and classic rock
Vibe  Fun, structured, all-levels-welcome
Classes I tried  Saturday 8:30 am
Difficulty  5
Calories burned  250
Cardio-focused  7
Weights-focused  3 (they have small weights and we did 1 song with arm exercises)
Motivating  7

And the final test: Was I sore the next day? Well, no. But I suppose for a more cardio-focused workout that wasn’t a huge surprise!

Thanks for having me, Cyclebar