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hot run, hot soup

Not sure what it is about this week, but I can’t seem to stop sleeping! Another late start for me, so here’s a quick post before I have to go pack! This weekend will look like this:


We’re off to the lake with some friends who are visiting! But first, a run:


I’m smiling, Anthony is not. Who has the more accurate expression? Definitely him! Our run yesterday was just terrible. No other way to put it. Way too humid and hot to be outside. We ended up walk/running the last two miles just to make sure we didn’t melt.


Glad that run is over and done with, and praying for cooler temps to settle in soon? I guess I’m already preparing for fall/winter because I felt like making hot soup even though it’s 100 degrees outside :)


THIS lentil soup is one of my mom’s go-to recipes now it’s one of mine, too! I don’t make the grilled cheeses, I just serve the soup with cheese on top and bread on the side :) . Plus double waters because this summer running calls for extra hydration.


Fun fact: Aldi sells red lentils for like $3 a bag. We used to buy them at Publix for double the price! I know I have some readers who are Aldi fans so putting that out there now. :)

Topped with sour cream, avo, cheddar, and bacon. Let’s get up close and personal with the bacon:


No better way to end a post! Have a fabulous weekend and I’ll see you from the lake!

  • Asking again because this is one of my favorite questions — favorite Aldi item?!
  • What are you most looking forward to this weekend?
  • Last time you stopped and walked during a run?

One thought on “hot run, hot soup

  1. Last time I stopped and walked during a run was about 3 weeks ago, trying to fit in an afternoon run! I thought I would melt into a puddle–it felt like an oven outside! I drank about a bajillion glasses of water afterward.

    Looking forward to my BF and I’s 1-year anniversary! Badminton, a walk, and eating…