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weekend on the water

Spent the weekend soaking up this view:


We’re squeezing the last few moments out of summer! We had our friends from Laki, Bernie, Paul, and Meg join us at my parents’ lake house for a couple of fun days. We spent most of the time floating around in the water,



cruising on the boat,


and eating barbecue


(and wings),



though I did get out there for a couple of runs, too! :) On Saturday Anthony and I headed to the local park to do some miles on the trails. The forest is so thick that my Garmin doesn’t even work here!



We started our run at like 8:30 a.m. which is way too late and too hot for anything serious. Not sure how far we actually ran but I’d guess about four miles!

On Sunday I ventured out onto the country roads:


It was flat and scenic, though some shade would have been nice!


This run actually felt pretty good! Lately the humidity has really been killing me. Nice to finally have a a bit of a break and remember that my legs do seem to work after all.


Let me leave you with one final lake view.


And now I guess it’s time to get back to real life. What were you up to this weekend?