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Good day! Popping in to share a couple of runs and some random eats of late. Starting with today’s outing with East Nasty:


We ran around Nissan Stadium which made me think of football and the fall. Anthony and I don’t really watch football but every year we say we should (more as a social thing that anything else). Maybe this fall I’ll finally make the effort to learn the rules and figure out how to enjoy sitting on the couch for 3+ hours and watching the game. I think the secret might be a steady supply of wings and potato skins. Good idea? Bad idea? (The football, not the snacks. I know the snacks are a good idea.)


Anyways, tangents aside, this was a good run. Glad I had the group to get me out there!


On Monday I headed out for a solo jog. After a weekend of fun at the lake, it was pretty tough to wake up for this workout and I was asleep for 99% of the run.


At least it was sunny skies kept my eyes open and feet moving.


After a couple of flat runs over the weekend, the East Nashville hills felt especially painful on this run! Gotta love them. One day when I actually sign up for a race again I’ll be thankful for all this unintentional hill training…


On the food front, meals have been all over the place lately! On Monday we were still hosting our friends Laki and Bernie and their family, who arrived back from the lake late that afternoon. We needed dinner on the fly. What’s better than a pile of nachos? We pile everything into a foil cup and then broil until the cheese is nice and melty. And yes, that’s my slow cooker AND bread machine going in the background. The kitchen is always on at our house! :)


I also met my brother-in-law for lunch the other day at Burger Up! We’ve both been wanting to try this new East Nashville restaurant and it was the bomb. Probably one of the best burger joints I’ve been to in a while. Even though I guess I didn’t technically get a burger? Does a patty melt count?


And lastly, I met some other blogger/media/advertising friends at Chuahan Ale & Masala House on Monday! What is this orange ball of goodness? A Nashville hot chicken pakora, of course :) . Forgot how great this restaurant is — it’s been over a year since Anthony and I went and we need to go back! There are SO many new and popular restaurants in Nashville right now that it’s a bit overwhelming.


Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a photo of a vegetable to share! Ha.

  • Are you into football? Tips for how we can become fans?
  • How often do you run with a group?
  • Favorite dinner-on-the-fly type meal?

5 thoughts on “recent runs and eats

  1. I’m obsessed with football, practically counting down the days each year from the time the season ends to the time it begins. I prefer college to pro, but I watch the Titans every week (fingers crossed they’re better this year than they’ve been in the past), so I’m not too picky. I even have a competition with my whole extended family where we predict winners throughout the whole NFL season. All that to say, I absolutely recommend you start watching. 😉 I don’t like watching with many others (because I’d only embarrass myself with all my hoopin’ and hollerin’), but watching socially might help get you started! Sorry for the novel, but I can’t resist talking about my football obsession.

  2. I like doing quick dinners like spaghetti or french bread pizzas.
    I don’t run with a group, but maybe I will give it a try one day. And my husband doesn’t like football, and I don’t really like to watch it on TV, but in high school I LOVED going to high school or college games. I don’t know how pro games compare, but the energy and excitement at hs or college games is so fun! You should check out a Vandy game if you can, or a local high school one. It’s a fun time, and you can get some hot dogs or nachos and some extra entertainment from the marching band!

  3. Years and years ago*, my best Sundays started with a 5k, a shower, then having people over to watch football with potlock-style food/drink table. I got to cook and eat food or just talk with guests whenever I didn’t want to be sitting and watching the TV. Sounds like that may work for you!

    *Then I moved to DC, and the best least-humid, least-rainy Sundays were the Sundays in football season. Also my team wasn’t on regular TV there. So I gradually stopped watching football in favor of longer hikes and other “playing outside” stuff.