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less running, more donuts

Rainy day!


Katie and I were supposed to meet up for a run this morning but the slick sidewalks and thunderstorm warnings made spin class sound a little more appealing. I’ve traded in quite a few runs lately for spin classes or strength training (or sleep) … can you tell I’m over summer running? :)

Instead of focusing on the weather, let’s have an apple fritter!


Yesterday morning I had a coffee date with my pal Tracee and when I found out that The Red Bicycle gets donuts delivered FRESH EVERY MORNING all the way from KENTUCKY I figured I had to try one. Of all the fried donut delicacies, I think apple fritters and maple glazed are my favorite :) . Though sometimes I buy sprinkled ones just because they make for the best photos. #bloggerprobs


Coincidentally, I had a second date with Tracee after work! She happened to be playing a show near my office so I dropped by to hear her sing. This song is my fave.


Posting this photo as proof that sometimes (very rarely) I stay out until sunset. Beautiful skies in Nashville last night!


When I got home dinner was waiting for me. Love my slow cooker. Regular readers might recognize this old standby — Martha’s white bean broccoli soup. I used dried beans and kept them simmering with the broth, onions, and garlic all day long on low heat. After 6-8 (or 12 hours, in my case!) hours, add broccoli, close the lid, and cook on high for 15 minutes.


The blend and serve with all your favorite toppings. Mine include cheese and bacon :)


Slice of buttered rosemary-garlic bread on the side! We only have a few sprigs left in our garden and I’m putting them to use in some savory loaves lately.


Time to grab my umbrella and get out of here!

  • What’s your favorite slow cooker meal? I’m looking for some new recipes!
  • Favorite donut variety?
  • How many times do you cross train a week when you’re not in training mode?

4 thoughts on “less running, more donuts

  1. I like making chili in a slow cooker, esp a mexican type chili with corn, beans, tomatoes, and peppers, then you top it (after you dish it up) with sour cream, chips, and shredded cheese!

    I love plain old krispy kreme best………but any doughnut is good (except for the ones with coconut on them).

    I cross train once or twice a week…………..usually riding my bike or running stairs.