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adventures up north

Happy Monday Tuesday! Sorry that I missed you guys yesterday — I was traveling back from Boston! I could have typed up a post when I landed yesterday evening but going for a run and baking a loaf of banana bread sounded better :)


I took things nice and easy since I went out at 5 p.m. So not used to running in the evenings and have no idea how people do it!


I had no intention of running a 7:23 mile at the end but a bee started chasing me and I totally freaked out and sprinted like a mad woman. Guess that’s a good way to fit in some speed work?


About that banana breadthis is my favorite recipe of late. I use coconut oil instead of butter and cut the sugar a bit. And occasionally I’ll sub in half a cup of almond flour. Healthy(ish) treat?


Of course, my banana bread is not quite as tasty as some of the treats we had in Boston and Amherst. Two days of scones for breakfast :)


Anthony and I spent the weekend up north celebrating Miriam and Dan! I’ll get to the wedding tomorrow (you can get a sneak peek on Instagram), but in the meantime here are some other highlights from the trip.


A run around the river! As soon as I landed in Boston on Saturday I reunited with Anthony (who had been out of town all week) for a lovely little jog.


The first two miles were easy, the second two miles were pretty crazy! Apparently there was some big festival and we ran right through it. Had to stop and walk a few times because there were hundreds of people smushed on the trail.


Then we high-tailed it out of the city and hit the road for Amherst, which is about 1.5 hours outside of Boston. Luckily there is a Panera on the way :)


We arrived in Amherst just in time for some welcome drinks with the bride and groom, followed by an epic dinner at  a little place called Oriental Flavor.


Anthony and I went overboard and ordered about half of the menu. My face when I realized we had even more food coming…


But don’t worry, we ate it all. More to come tomorrow! In the meantime, tell me about your weekend :)

  • Do you usually over-order or under-order at restaurants?
  • Favorite breakfast treat? Mine is a tie between scones and croissants (basically anything with a lot of butter)
  • Afraid of bugs?! I’m terrified.