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weekend festivities part 2

Thanks for popping over to my blog today! Speaking of which. This is a popover.


We stumbled across a diner called Judie’s in Amherst over the weekend. With “home of the popover” printed all over the walls and menu, we had to try one! It’s basically a big ball of slightly sweet dough that is puffy and eggy on the inside. Yum.

I paired my popover with a falafel kale salad that was so good!


This made for the perfect post-run meal. Earlier in the day we’d explored an amazing trail:


Flat, shaded, and so beautifully green! Not to mention the temps up north were significantly cooler and less humid than here in Nashville.


Anthony and I took it pretty easy and didn’t start our run till 9 a.m.! #vacationmode


We had a couple more hours to explore Amherst before the wedding festivities began. Such a cute little town! I didn’t know much about Amherst but was really impressed with the area. So many fun shops and restaurants, gorgeous scenery, and nice people. I would come back, for sure!


And on top of all that, the college campus has a natural history museum that is really cool! We traveled back in time and checked out some dinosaur bones.


Then it was time to celebrate!


Miriam and Dan got married on campus in front of a backdrop that’s almost as beautiful as the couple themselves :)


After the ceremony we walked over to the reception space for lots of good food and CAKE! A cake with donuts = best idea ever.


Long-time readers might recognize these two from my DC running days. Finally reunited, and we even dressed up for the occasion!


Congrats to Miriam and Dan, an excellent couple and impressive dancers. (and thanks for letting me borrow this photo from your Facebook page since I was having too much fun during the ceremony to snap one myself.)


Still recovering from such a fun trip. Is it the weekend yet?!

  • Ever been to Amherst?
  • What kind of wedding cake did you have? (Anthony’s mom made ours, which meant it was extra special and delicious!)
  • Ever tried a popover?!

3 thoughts on “weekend festivities part 2

  1. I have not been to Amherst or tried a popover…………..I should get out more! Ha!
    Our wedding cake came from publix, but I was super impressed! It was strawberry and had gorgeous blue and yellow flowers on it. We also got krispy kreme doughnuts to serve with the cake!

  2. We loved celebrating with you guys and are so honored to have our dancing “skills” featured on the blog! Judy’s popovers are my absolute favorite — please tell me you got the apple butter too, right?! So glad you and Anthony had fun and loved Amherst! It is our favorite place in the world :)