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After a few beautifully cool days, the humidity is back. My phone was struggling to get a crisp photo through all the mugginess! And I was struggling too.


Luckily I had Katie around to keep me company! We covered about five miles together and parted ways to head home. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve run together due to schedule conflicts so I’m glad to have my buddy back. Especially on days like today, when I probably wouldn’t have gotten out of bed :)


Speaking of reunions, Anthony returned home from a week-long work trip on Tuesday AND it was my birthday :) We celebrated with a fancy dinner at 5th & Taylor. It was dark and crowded so I didn’t get a photo of the space — I’m borrowing the one below from my favorite Nashville restaurant news source, Nashville Guru! I think we actually sat at the table in the front left corner so just picture Anthony and me dining away right there :)


Over the past couple of years, we’ve been to a handful of over-hyped, upscale restaurants where the food didn’t quite live up to the high expectations (remember our not-so-great experiences at Rolf & Daughters and Butchertown Hall?!). Luckily, our experience at 5th & Taylor lived up to the high expectations! Very cool space, great service, and tasty food.

Creamy tomato soup and mini grilled cheese to start:

5th and taylor-nashville_DSC0304

Plus some bacon-wrapped quail, per the recommendation of our server. I guess this is like a “thing” at 5th & Taylor? We liked it but it wasn’t my favorite dish of the night.

5th and taylor-nashville_DSC0308

We shared a mixed grill plate and salmon for our main dishes. Both came with crisp veggies and a side of the creamiest mashed potatoes. If I could eat mashed potatoes for the rest of my life I’d be a happy girl.

5th and taylor-nashville_DSC03105th and taylor-nashville_DSC0312

We almost stuck around for dessert, but then I remembered that my pajamas and a container of pistachio Talenti were waiting at home. And that’s my kind of birthday party.

  • What do you usually do for your birthday?
  • Locals: Favorite fancy restaurant in town?
  • How often do you oversleep and miss a morning run?

4 thoughts on “morning run, birthday dinner

  1. Hope your birthday was a blast! I usually go to Nashville for my birthday bc my inlaws celebrate birthdays right…………cake, balloons, lots of gifts, I get to choose the restaurant, and the movie at home that night!
    And I don’t run in the morning. Unless I am on vacation, I run after work……….just can’t get up out of bed!