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5 things from the week

It’s Friday and I’m still catching up from our weekend away! Five random things to share with you…

1. Pesto! Our basil is out of control so I swirled it up into some pesto the other night.


Spread onto some mini rosemary bread slices…


Topped with chicken, mozzerella, and all the fixins. And then grilled in the panini press! We don’t use this appliance very often, but when we do I remember how much I love it :)



2. Speaking of appliances, I spotted THIS NEWS (which really isn’t news at all because apparently these wonders have existed for quite some time) and am a little bit excited. You know I love my slow cooker. The thought of having one with me at my office brings me joy.


3. Guess why I’m so tired this morning and missed my run? Because we were out late partying!


Nashville was so pretty last night. Even though I just read this month’s issue of Bon Appetit and my hometown wasn’t listed once in their “best new restaurants of 2016” list (and DC was listed about 100 times)…


I still love it here. And we have good food. Also, would you ever tattoo a spoon on your wrist? ^^


Sorry, I got sidetracked there. What I was meaning to tell you is that we saw Cirque du Soleil last night and it was incredible! In the past they’ve prohibited phones/pictures during the shows but now they’re all about it. There’s even an interactive app you can use during the show which was sort of cool. These people make me feel so inflexible and weak but I still love it.


4. More amazing people: Everyone featured in the New York Times’ Running Voices series, which I just discovered even though it was published in 2009. This nun runs ultramarathons!!


5. The upgraded Nike Training Club app! Do any of you use the NTC app? I finally updated mine a few months ago and love the new look! The videos are a lot less clunky and you can filter through workouts depending on things like workout duration, intensity, and amount of equipment required.

What tips/news/events do you have to share from the week?

One thought on “5 things from the week

    2) Just bought Cirque tickets for November (haven’t been in like 5 years!)
    3) My slow cooker. Not sure how I would function without it, other than just getting takeout every day. Seriously the best kitchen invention ever.