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weekend in the water

Monday! This one feels especially tough after a three-day weekend. We took Friday off to spend extra time with friends at the lake.

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This is the second summer in a row we’ve had this group of friends over to my parents’ lake house. We spent 99% of our time in the water and hanging out on the dock. The other 1% was spent eating and playing games :)


My mom couldn’t make it this weekend so I was in charge of the kitchen! 20+ pancakes and lots of summery foods like burgers, watermelon, and baked beans.



And mac ‘n’ cheese! I tried out this recipe (with the extra oven step at the end) and thought it was pretty good.


I also made it out for a couple of runs! First a 3-ish miler with Anthony, who was thrilled to be out there 😉


And second, a solo jog at 11:30 on Sunday when it was a billion degrees outside.


I must have wanted to run fast and get home to the air conditioning! The sun was intense.


One last group shot of the girls:


And a final shout-out to the hero of the weekend: The floating cooler :)


What were you up to over the past couple of days?

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