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Hello! Good thing I had a running buddy waiting for me this a.m. or else I wouldn’t have made it out the door. It’s getting dark in the mornings again and that breaks my heart. But it’s not breaking the heat. Another 80-degree start to the day!


I don’t show you guys all of the awesome action shots I take on my runs by accident. Maybe one day I’ll do a whole post of blurry random photos? Today I realized I took about 25 pictures of Katie’s foot somehow. Here’s my favorite.


As you can tell, we kept a speedy pace. I stopped once to admire the sunrise.


As always, by the last quarter of a mile I was glad that I got out there after all! Now I’m all showered and ready to tackle the day. Or go back to bed.

Moving right along to dinner… Vietnamese chicken salads on the menu this week!


We drove home from the lake late Sunday afternoon and made an epic stop at the grocery store since I hadn’t done a food haul in weeks! We didn’t have time to plan anything and I’m so glad I had Cook Smarts to save us with a meal plan and list ready to go :)

Plus, this light salad sounded perfect after a couple of days of burgers and pancakes!


In the mix: rotisserie chicken (a bit of a shortcut but so worth it), bell peppers, cabbage, fresh mint, orange slices, and peanuts for some crunch. A fish sauce/garlic/sesame dressing. I guess fish sauce is pretty unappealing to some people but I like it. Takes me back to our Vietnam adventures.


Speaking of international cuisine, that’s one thing I’m looking forward to this weekend! The inter”nash”ional food crawl is on Saturday and I’m honored to have been invited. It’s a tour of all the delicious restaurants along Nolensville Pike… my favorite place to eat! Plus, all proceeds benefit the Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition. Good food and a good cause. I’m in!

inter-nash-ional food crawl

If you’re a local, you can buy tickets here! And if you’re not in the Nashville area, you should fly down and eat all of the food with me. I know Meredith is :)

Have a good day!

  • Ever done a food crawl? (I haven’t, but I have done some bar crawls…)
  • Do you run with your phone/camera? (phone, obviously!)
  • If you could eat any international cuisine every day what would it be? (Mexican!!!)


One thought on “local run, international eats

  1. I am actually heading down to Nashville this weekend! I can’t wait to try some of the delicious places you’ve mentioned over the past months/years!