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not the best city to run in, but a pretty good run anyways.

Halfway through the week! Thank goodness I have my 6 a.m. run club to look forward to on an otherwise boring Wednesday.


Only four of us made it to the run this morning — I think this end-of-summer humidity is making people sick of running! I stuck with my new running buddy Ashlyn for most of the miles. Introducing one of my favorite homes in East Nashville:


Mile four of the “church run” takes you up a lovely 100-foot incline in 800 meters. Ouch!


The view from the top was nice, though. Sun just peeking out a little past 6 a.m. these days. Almost time to bring out the headlamp.


Five miles, done! Took it easy today and am not running tomorrow. My foot has been feeling kind of weird lately — I need to comb through all of your shoe recommendations and buy a new pair ASAP!


Let’s talk about this huge plate of beef stir-fry. Eaten at 9 pm and we were starving!


This Cook Smarts cumin beef stir-fry recipe was good, but not our favorite. Plus it took way too long to make! Poor Anthony was chopping veggies for about an hour on Monday night while I was at an orientation event (side note, I’m going to start teaching English at the Nashville International Center for Empowerment!) . When dinner finally came together it was pretty tasty, but probably not worth the effort. Oh well!


That’s a runny egg on the side! I could put an egg on almost anything and make it better.


PS do any of you live in these cities? I want to move to all of them. But I disagree with San Fran as #1 place to run in the country… um, have you seen those hills?!

And no, Nashville wasn’t named once on this list of the 50 best places to run in the nation. In fact, Tennessee apparently is home to the fattest city in America. Who wants to help me build more trails around here? :)

  • What do you think is the best US city to run in?
  • How long does it usually take you to cook dinner on a weeknight?
  • Eggs: scrambled, over easy, sunny side up, or boiled?

12 thoughts on “not the best city to run in, but a pretty good run anyways.

  1. Crissy Field in SF is flat. :)

    I love SF too much to not agree with the article, even with all of its hills. I live in NYC and it’s a great place to run. I can’t believe they picked Denver over Boulder. Boulder is more picturesque and has more options than its neighbor.

    • SF was SO pretty! but so hilly, haha. except for crissy field, you’re right! was a beast to climb back out of but so worth it.

  2. I’ve only run in New York and Temecula (just north of San Diego). NY has Central Park which makes it super ideal, along with other paths.

    I had to deal with some major hills in Temecula – maybe not as steep as San Fran but still pretty steep – it was killer!

  3. I’m going to disagree on Omaha. There is always a minimum 20 mph wind, 40 is common. Also, the trails don’t really connect well and the sidewalks are questionable. If they needed a plains state, I’d nominate Des Moines or KC over Omaha.

    Also, I second Elle’s thoughts on Boulder over Denver.

    The rest all sound good to me!

    • i need to send all of these comments to runner’s world because clearly they did not do any research before creating this list! i ran in boulder a few times, it was gorgeous!

  4. I haven’t really run many places other than in Tennessee, but I think Brentwood and Chattanooga are great places to run! I wish they got a nod………….come on, Atlanta? I would be scared to run in a lot of places around Atlanta…………too many people and cars. I ran a few times when I lived in Idaho, but with ice on the sidewalks for half of the year, I got tired of slipping and sliding. And I ran in Mystic, Connecticut while on a work trip, and it was cold but beautiful to run by big sailboats.

  5. Seattle is a great place to run and this summer has been beautiful! The only problem is now it’s getting dark so much earlier and the sun isn’t rising as early, but the summers usually make it worth it. Oh, and the trails.

  6. I live in St. Louis. There are tons of trails (both paved and wooded) and a large running community. Also, LOTS of races, which is good because there’s something for everyone, but as a race director, the downside is lots of competition!

    • i’ve really wanted to visit st. louis and missouri in general for a while! wish the drive was just a littttttle bit shorter from nashville.

      • It’s funny because I always think of Nashville as being such a long drive away but it’s about the same drive as from here to Chicago (maybe even shorter) and I drive to Chicago all the time!