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back in the kitchen, finally!

We’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen this week! After three weeks of traveling, our fridge was totally empty on Sunday and we’ve since restocked it with lots of produce and leftovers.

Last night we were supposed to have black bean and sweet potato tacos per Cook Smarts, but I changed it up a bit to “stuffed sweet potatoes with everything in the fridge on top.” Saute it all with some taco seasoning, add some salsa on top  and you have yourself a meal.


Not the most photogenic dish I’ve ever made, but it was good!


The kitchen has been on even when I’m not around! My poor slow cooker has been going for two days straight. First, a whole chicken:


Followed by chicken stock (using the bones, some extra water, and random veggie bits) that I made overnight. The next morning I kept the slow cooker going to make the black beans pictured above! I swear slow-cooked black beans are way better and actually more convenient in many ways than canned ones. Just follow this recipe: 1 pound beans, 6 cups water, 1 tablespoon salt. If I have time I add a few garlic cloves, a bay leaf, and half an onion.

Another great “set it and forget it” appliance – the DASH yogurt maker! Still have to do an updated post on my yogurt-making process. Maybe next week!


Let’s finish this post on a fresh note:


Again, this was a re-invented Cook Smarts recipe! I guess I was feeling rebellious this week. Supposed to be Mediterranean chicken wraps… I turned it into a salad.


Felt great to be cooking again this week, but I’m ready to adventure out again! Good thing Meredith is visiting this weekend and we have plenty of fun on the menu :) See you Monday!

  • Your favorite kitchen appliance? Mine is definitely the slow cooker.
  • How often do you modify recipes? I don’t think I EVER stick to the original! Hehe.
  • What are you most looking forward to this weekend? My friend from Cali is coming to town!