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long weekend (part 1).

Remind me never to go three days without blogging again! So many photos to share. I’ll have to break them up over the next few days. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s get started!


Anthony and I finally had a weekend in Nashville! But it was still special because Meredith came to visit us all the way from California :) Long-time readers might recognize her from my wedding and college life flashbacks! Besties since 2008.


We did lots of fun stuff around town, including a couple of workouts! On Saturday we did tons of walking, on Sunday we went to the track, and on Monday we did a nifty little boot camp/run session downtown at Nissan Stadium/Riverfront Park.


Lost part of my shoe on the way over the bridge. I ordered a few different pairs of running shoes on Amazon today (hoorah for free returns!) and can’t wait to compere them all for you guys. Anything for the blog.


This new little area near Ascend Amphitheater has awesome views and fun little workout stations. We’ve been wanting to check them out for a while, so thanks to Meredith for the inspiration to finally go.


Maybe if I had city views all the time I could do ring pull-ups? Nah. I’ll just let Anthony do them instead.


Post-workout refuel:


And it wouldn’t be a trip to Nashville without hot chicken! We didn’t do traditional hot chicken but went to The Birdhouse for some Korean-style heat. Yum.


Meredith and I even ventured to the west side of town (!!) to explore Hillsboro Village. I should cross the river more often :)


I spotted my friend Tony’s jewelry for sale in one of the shops — how cool are these earrings?


Meredith and I made a split-second decision to see a movie! Happened to stumble by the recently remodeled Belcourt Theater and this movie called Hunt for the Wilderpeople was playing right when we arrived. For a totally random selection, it was a really good choice! Very cute story set in the New Zealand wilderness. Next time we head to Australia I might need to make a pit stop…


After two days of exploring we kept it pretty easy on the dinner front. Simple butternut squash soup! Too soon for this fall/winter meal? Don’t care.


BUT of course we did get pretty wild one night and head to La Michoacana for the best ice cream in the world. And yes I went in my pajamas.


Cheers to the joys of a three-day weekend! What were you up to the past few days?