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eating, running & a bit of baby talk

Thank you all for the sweet comments yesterday! Keeping that one a secret for months was tough. Feels so good to finally have baby on the blog! I promise I won’t turn minutes per mile into a pregnancy/mommy blog but would love to know how much you guys want to hear about the pregnancy stuff. Do you want regular updates? Posts about pregnancy and running? Baby gear research? Q&As? Nothing at all because this internet is already overloaded with pregnancy advice? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

Speaking of which, it was so funny reading everyone’s “I had a hunch” notes yesterday. Apparently the lack of booze and racing made it pretty obvious that something was up (and also made it obvious that I might have drank more wine than I thought in my pre-pregnancy days…) so maybe the news wasn’t such a surprise for many of you after all! Other than my almost-daily trips to the ice cream shop, I have been trying to eat healthy to make sure little lamb has all the nutrients he/she needs to grow big. Last night we made Cook Smarts’ stuffed pesto chicken:


As I’ve gotten more into cooking whole chickens and chicken thighs, I’ve been a bit underwhelmed when it comes to cooking and eating chicken breasts. The big-time chefs are right — chicken breasts are just so dry and bland! Anyone else with me on that one? However, if you stuff them with cheese and smother them in pesto, they taste juuuuust fine.

We served ours on fancy TV dinner trays and ate while watching Unreal, a show about life behind the scenes of The Bachelor. It’s a little silly but really good in a weird way — if you’re a bachelor fan like me, I’d recommend it!


And this morning I met Katie for a run! Many of you noted in the comments yesterday that you weren’t able to run through your pregnancy. I’m grateful that running still feels fine for me and that my doctor says to just keep doing my thing if it feels good. We’ll see how the next five months play out, but for now I’m happily running for two. Six miles this morning with a bit of a bump! Hehe.


It was pitch dark outside when we started (boo) but Katie and I did see a pretty sunrise at the end. October and November are the best months for sunrises, so I can’t wait until fall is here. Plus it would be awesome if this darn heat/humidity thing finally went away.


Off to get this Thursday started, even though it feels like a Tuesday. This short week has really thrown me off!

  • Are you totally off track after the long weekend?
  • Mother runners: did you run through your pregnancy?
  • Thank you again for your comments yesterday — made my day!! How much baby talk do you want on the blog? Let me know!

26 thoughts on “eating, running & a bit of baby talk

  1. Congrats again! I think you should definately include baby talk……..this is a big deal for you, share what you want. I find it interesting though, because although I don’t think I want kids (I was the oldest of 8 kids) I may change my mind, and I would love to hear how a runner handles the changes of pregnancy and after baby.

    • thanks! i wasn’t interested in baby/pregnancy blogs until we started thinking about having kids ourselves so don’t want to abandon anyone who isn’t into the baby stuff yet! glad you’re eager to read about it!

  2. I ran through my pregnancy, including a marathon. Only towards the end did I wear a maternity support band to keep my stomach up and comfy. Last few weeks it was walks only and I think it helped my recovery a lot. Did my first race at 7 weeks postpartum with the running stroller. You must get one!

    • wow, a full marathon!! how far along were you when you did it? haven’t looked into running strollers yet but you can bet that i’ll be doing research soon! if you have recommendations pass them along!

  3. Regular baby updates please! Photos, cravings, changes in your running, cool pregnant gear analysis … Love to read about all of it! And, I’d imagine, cool for you to have it all written down :)

  4. I want all the baby info! I’m pregnant too, due in March, so I’m basically trying to take in anything and everything! I ran a marathon early on in my pregnancy and have felt fine so far, we just finished building a house and moving in so that’s put more of a cramp in my running/working out than the actual pregnancy! Congratulations again! So happy for you!

  5. Congrats!!!!
    I ran through my pregnancies. My most recent I ran a half marathon at 32 weeks along with no problems. Everyone is different, so as long as you do what feels right, you should be fine!!
    I would love to read pregnancy updates and see bump pictures!!!!!😊

    • i’ll be sure to share mine! i feel like there actually aren’t that many running/pregnancy blogs or advice out there so am eager to jot down what i’ve learned.

  6. Yes, pregnancy updates! Would be fun to read about running and exercise through pregnancy, also food/drink/lifestyle changes along with general updates.

  7. Congratulations again! I ran until I was 38 weeks 5 days and our son was born at 39 – I had no idea it would be my last run! For me, running was actually hardest in the second trimester when baby is still transverse. That, and my second trimester coincided with winter, which meant running on either the treadmill or outside in snow and ice. :) Around 27 weeks I ran a half and I’m really glad I did! As mentioned above, everyone is so different! You are already doing an amazing job taking care of that little baby!

    • wow, that’s amazing! running in the summer heat during the first trimester was sort of hard for me, but i’m hoping that the cooler temps will balance out my growing belly come fall. as for winter, i’m just going to see what’s doable! if i can go for a jog 2 days before I give birth that would be pretty awesome!

  8. Pregnancy updates please! Especially would love to hear how running is going, but also some general how’s it going info too :) I love reading these sort of posts because we are planning on starting to try after my marathon in October, so I love to hear everyones experiences!

  9. I totally feel like the old lady blog reader as my pregnancy days seem so far away. But even if you say you won’t write about pregnancy I bet you will find it really hard not to:)

    I just did not enjoy anything about running while pregnant. I swam, walked a ton and did yoga. It was perfect for me. I also promised myself that I would not start running after baby was born until I was sleeping through the night because sleep >exercise for new moms and self care. The first two were easy at 2-3 months; waiting for the last one to sleep through at six months was hard! The good news is that getting back into shape even after more than 1.5 years of no running was a breeze. Enjoy this time and be kind to yourself and body!

  10. Since I’m pregnant, I’m biased. However, my vote is all for baby talk. Part of this is just because it’s helpful to other runners to hear about your struggles and adjustments. The benefit for you is commiseration. Your workouts are going to become less impressive, you might well have a real discussion on why and feel better.

    I was running consistently up until 4 months. My milage was reduced to 40 mpw without much speed. After that, I had a complication which lead to a no running restriction. Grr. Since then I’ve become a frequenter of the arc trainer, pool running, terrible back stroking, and prenatal yoga.

    Keep up the running as long as you feel good! Honestly, aside from getting snuggles, my main reason I’m excited for my approaching due date is I’ll l be able at least start running again. Side note – I’ve noticed that the more I can exercise, the less anxiety or odd emotions I have. You can guess that my husband encourages my workouts.

  11. Yay baby talk! Maybe you’ll encourage me to stay active! I was so good last pregnancy about working out but now with my second I’m on the struggle bus. It’s so flipping hot and then trying to figure out what to do with the toddler…it’s been tough. Would love to hear how things continue to go for you!

  12. I would love lots of pregnancy updates! I am also pregnant (just a couple of weeks behind you) and running regularly. Have you looked into bump bands yet? I would love to hear which ones work well so that I can keep on running, even as my belly grows 😀 Congrats!

    • no bump bands yet, but maybe by the end of the second trimester i’ll get there! will keep you posted. congrats to you!