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InterNASHional food crawl review

The people have spoken! Lots of comments asking for all the baby talk yesterday, including many from readers who are pregnant themselves — congrats to all of you! Stay tuned in the future for some pregnancy rambles. For now, I’m still trying to catch up from last weekend. One of the coolest things I did that I didn’t tell you about yet: The InterNASHional food crawl!


It’s no secret that Anthony and I love exotic food (especially Asian and Mexican food!), which there is plenty of along Nolensville Pike. The food crawl gives you a ticket to visit a handful of these restaurants and a map to get started. All of the restaurants are located within five miles of each other and parking was easy to find, so logistics were easy! (FYI, we just did the basic $15 drive-yourself-as-you-please tour but there’s also a “curated” bus tour with more stops, drinks, etc.)


The food crawl starting point/main hub was hopping! Lots of live performances from the Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition team and members. Love that this event supports a good cause!


After we picked up our tickets, the food crawl craziness began! First up was a stop at The Taj, one of Anthony and my favorite Indian restaurants in town. All of the restaurants did small sample plates served buffet-ish style to keep food crawl participants moving through smoothly.


My favorite part of the plate: That little fried spinach ball and the big slice o’ naan. Yum.


Up next was a series of new-to-us restaurants which was exciting! A super hole-in-the-wall spot called Dosa Hut:


Cheers to Meredith for being such a good sport and going on this random Nashville adventure with us :)


The portions at Dosa Hut were a little meager, but the few bits I did have were good! Would love to come back and sample the full menu.


We also had our first taste of Iraqi cuisine! I would have never found this restaurant/market called Al Rasoul. Not only does it function as a restaurant, but it also sells rugs and grocery items and shares its parking lot with a car repair shop that appears to be owned by the same people. Ha!


We had no idea what to expect at this one but loved the food. Little bits of lamb and chicken with stuffed grape leaves. Plus baklava!


One of our favorites on the tour was La Reina de la Benedicion pupusaria! I love pupusas so of course knew this one would be a winner.


They had a ton of pupusas and other El Salvadorean specialties for us to try. We were just a wee bit excited.


Pupusas = my happy place.



We loved this spot so much that we came back a few nights later with some friends for more! Hehe.


The secret to a good pupusa is in the slaw :)


Okay, back to the food crawl. Our final stop was for dessert at an interesting candy story/bakery called Panaderia La Conchita. The ceilings are lined with pinatas and the walls are lined with pastries! Considering redecorating our house in this style. Functional AND fun.



I went for a bread-y baked roll that was just slightly sweet.


Though I would have loved to sample one of these amazing cakes! Definitely coming back to this bakery next time I have a craving for something sweet. So… like tomorrow.


Best friend and photo backdrop of all time:


Thanks again to the InterNASHional team for inviting me to attend this food crawl and putting on such a delicious event! I’d highly recommend this fun experience and can’t wait to do it again next year :)

Have a great weekend!

  • Most exotic thing you’ve ever eaten?
  • Locals: Favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant?
  • If you could line the walls of your house with shelves stocked with ONE food, what would it be?!