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a weekend of cookie madness

Monday! This calls for six plates of cookies.


My friend Tracee and I have a brilliant idea of opening a boutique milk and cookies shop in Nashville. We decided to start practicing for our definitely-going-to-happen-one-day business venture on Saturday :)


We each picked two recipes and went cookie crazy for a few hours. Last year at this time I was in peak marathon training mode and running for three hours on a Saturday. I much prefer eating cookies for three hours on Saturday morning instead.

But JK, you know I was out there for a run before the baking madness began :)


Early morning miles at the park, including a couple with Anthony! He got new shoes, and they are NIKES. Nikes?!! We’re both in shock that he crossed over to the other side. He’s loving them, though!


Seven quiet miles to kick off the weekend! Right now my “long” runs are in the 6-8 range which feels just right.


Okay, back to those cookies. Yum.


My first batch was a random recipe inspired by a bottle of rosewater I impulsively bought months ago and have never used…


Pistachio-rosewater cookies! I had no idea how these would turn out but was impressed. Just slightly sweet with a hint of rosy flavor!


My other batch was a simple peanut butter cookie jazzed up with some sweetened banana chips. Gave the cookies a nice crunch!


The star of the show was Tracee’s orange basil cream cookies. They were so different yet so delicious.


The collection was rounded out with some classic chocolate chip cookies, of course!


Now we just need some employees, investors, an industrial kitchen, and a storefront to start our milk and cookie shop. Oh, and maybe a business plan. I will keep you guys posted :)

Other weekend highlights included a brief trip to Nashville’s Italian Lights Festival. I convinced my mom to go with me, even though she’d been in the past and said it was terrible!


Needless to say, I had very low hopes for this festival and wasn’t too surprised when I saw they were serving polish sausages, Philly cheese steaks, and gyros. Those are Italian, right?


See those ominous clouds in the sky in the photo above? Yeah. Complete downpour within 20 minutes of our arrival. We ran back to the car and got completely drenched along the way! Italian festival fail.


The good news is the storm cooled things down and Sunday’s run was amazing.


Katie and I covered a few miles together and chatted the whole way. Love when runs fly by like that.


The rest of the day included a family lunch, a trip to the grocery store, and an episode of Bloodline! Not a bad way to round out the weekend at all. See you folks tomorrow!

  • Last time you ran in a pair of Nikes?
  • If you could open one type of restaurant/cafe what would it be?
  • Highlight of your weekend?

5 thoughts on “a weekend of cookie madness

  1. Ha! I was changed over to Nikes by someone in our local (trusted) running store in February. Two pairs in, and … I think he was right! I hadn’t run in Nikes since HS…and that’s a long time ago. Crazy.
    My biggest gripe is the colors. I do NOT need hot pink shoes, thanks. 😛