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tech probs, fall(ish) run, crumbed chicken.

First off, it looks like yesterday’s post has disappeared from the internet forever… so, sorry if you missed that one. Feel free to send a nasty note to Bluehost! :) I might try to restore it later so apologies to my email subscribers who might get it twice.

On a more positive note, tomorrow is Friday and I’m ready for the weekend! We are starting festivities early by going to a concert at the Ryman tonight. Which means I’ll have to stay up past 9 pm. I slept in a bit this morning just in preparation but still got out there for a run!


Is that a red-orange tint I see on the tops of those trees? Does that mean fall is almost here?!!


This deer must have been in as much awe as I was. We both stopped and stared at each other for a solid 10 seconds before I just jogged away and he kept standing there. I wish he could have given me a ride home because I felt kinda blah on this run.


But, I finished! Apparently this is not my week when it comes to technology because my watch froze at the end of my run. Wanted to show you that I completed all six miles but instead I’ll just show you the Garmin logo.


And now I’ll show you some crumbed chicken!


This is a go-to recipe for us. Crumbed chicken is definitely an Anthony specialty but since he was out of town last night I attempted it all on my own. There’s something therapeutic about smashing away with a meat tenderizer and then serving yourself a romantic dinner for one.


Close-up of the mashed (sweet) potatoes because they are one of my favorite foods in the world. If I started a blog dedicated to potatoes, would you read it?


Speaking of reading, here are some interesting things I’ve found on the interwebs lately. Thought I’d close out this post by sharing!

Questions of the day:

  • Have you ever ridden a horse? Seeing that deer made me think of it. I never have and would be pretty scared to try.
  • What’s one recipe that your spouse/partner specializes in and you never make?
  • If you could go run a race in any foreign country for free, where would you go?

One thought on “tech probs, fall(ish) run, crumbed chicken.

  1. Recipe: anything on the green egg. Bill loves tinkering around with heat and vents and wood chips but I just don’t get it. But yay for pulled park and smoked brisket and cedar plank salmon!

    I’d love to run in New Zealand. One of the prettiest places I’ve ever been to and just generally good vibes there.