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sleepy post

I’m in such a funk right now because I slept in until 7:30! I don’t think that has happened in years. Even on the weekends I’m usually up by 7. I blame Lake Street Dive for being so awesome they kept me up past 11 pm. So worth it. They were amazing!


Since all I’ve accomplished in the past 10 hours is sleeping and drinking coffee, let’s use this opportunity to catch up on a few things from the week!

Starting with the bad news. I finally caved and went to buy maternity clothes at Old Navy the other night. Their little maternity section was crammed in the back corner of the store and looked like it hadn’t been attended to in about 5 years. Nothing in my size and an old shelf almost fell on my head! Ha.


On the plus side, I tried on a few things and learned what size/styles seem to work best for my growing bump. Time to do some online shopping! Any recommendations? Thanks to Lisa for suggesting ASOS!

On the food front, when we haven’t been eating our 7 quarts of tortilla soup this week (if you missed Wednesday’s post, I made the largest batch of soup on the planet but then Bluehost crashed and proof of this world record vanished), we’ve been eating spaghetti and meatballs. I made a big batch on Sunday!


We did half spaghetti squash, half pasta on the bottom. Anthony is trying to eat really healthy right now so I’ve been sneaking lots of extra veggies into our meals. He also gave up alcohol with me! What a guy. He’s lost about 5 pounds in the past couple of weeks. Go Anthony!


We’ll never give up cheese and olive oil though. Perfect pasta toppers :)


Wow, where did this morning go? Time to get this day started even though I still have pillow lines on my face. I think that’s a sign it’s time for the weekend.

  • Favorite pasta toppers?
  • Locals: Best show you’ve seen at the Ryman?!
  • Maternity clothes shopping tips?

10 thoughts on “sleepy post

  1. Gah! I love the Ryman. I’m going there on Monday night to see Nathaniel Rateliff and The NightSweats. Also, Asos is my go-to for clothes, period. Sometimes I’m even tempted to buy maternity things when I’m not pregnant. :)

  2. I’ve found some good maternity options at Kohls and Target. ASOS is good too! And I’ve actually found some pretty cool stuff at goodwill, and it’s cheap! Since my sister and I are both pregnant, we are trying to share any good finds with each other!! Old Navy’s seem to be hot or miss depending on which store you go to. Good luck!! 😀

  3. If you need work clothes, Ann Taylor Loft. Bonus- every couple of days the website has a 40% off coupon up. Pick your normal size. For leggings, Athleta has some comfy ones. Gap fit for maternity t’s. I seriously don’t know how they stretch like they do. Good luck!

  4. Mary – it is Katie from DCRRC. I echo the Target and Ann Taylor Loft – buy basics. I got a few really nice things from Seraphine (watch for sales) because they were meant to transition post-baby (clothes that would tug in and make it easy to breast feed).

    For running/workout clothes, my dear friend developed a workout line called For Two Fitness – I still wear the capris and roll down the stomach. They always have 30% off deals and it was fun to have tops to show my belly off.

  5. Love your blog! I am currently pregnant too and due at the end of January. I really like the maternity clothes I’ve found at Target. Cute and affordable!

    • oh, i stopped at target over the weekend! they had some cute stuff but very few items in my size. also i found it odd that half of the small maternity section was dedicated to plus-size maternity clothes? i think i’ll need to order online!